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Lana Del Rey Is Engaged To Musician Clayton Johnson?

Lana Del Rey Is Engaged To Musician Clayton Johnson?
Lana Del Rey Is Engaged To Musician Clayton Johnson?
Video: Lana Del Rey Is Engaged To Musician Clayton Johnson?
Video: Lana Del Rey engaged to musician Clayton Johnson? 2023, February

Lana Del Rey is wearing something new.

On Monday night, the singer, performer of the single Paradise sang the song "Love You Like Woman" on "The Night Show with Jimmy Fallon" - and fans could no longer calm down on Twitter about the massive stone on her ring finger.

The Grammy nominee, who has carefully kept her private life under wraps, recently got engaged to 31-year-old singer Clayton Johnson, the source exclusively confirms. The couple met on a dating app, the source adds.

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“Do you see all of this?” One fan tweeted with a close-up of the ring.

“Lana is Caught AGAIN with the ring on her ring finger,” added another fan with a screenshot from her latest Instagram post.

“The ring on her finger? Is she engaged?”Wrote a third fan with another screenshot last month.

Johnson and Del Rey followed each other on Instagram back in August. Since then, fans have noticed her appearance on his social media.

Del Rey and Johnson celebrated Halloween with friends wearing matching Wizard of Oz costumes. When she showed the peace sign in the photograph, a ring was visible on her ring finger.

Johnson shared a photo on Instagram last month, apparently taken by Del Rey, of his little dog, Oliver, under a table. (She liked the photo.)

“To be honest, we've seen kids on YouTube that we don't necessarily have the skills and talents we felt together,” he told local newspaper The Modesto Bee in 2015. - Seeing their success and how great it is, they shot covers on YouTube, we thought we could do what they do, but better. We studied music together, so it was wise for us to continue our journey and compose music together."

Prior to joining his brothers, Johnson performed with the group Stereo Skyline, where they performed with the likes of Good Charlotte, Third Eye Blind and Boys Like Girls, according to The Bee.

News of the engagement came a few months after she broke up with police officer Sean Larkin. In March, a 46-year-old man revealed they were “just friends” on a New York Times profile.

Lana Del Rey and Larkin were first spotted in September 2019 and officially announced their relationship on Instagram. They also publicly attended several events, walking the red carpet.

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