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Demi Moore After Unsuccessful Plastic Surgery Showed Her Face From Different Angles

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Demi Moore After Unsuccessful Plastic Surgery Showed Her Face From Different Angles
Demi Moore After Unsuccessful Plastic Surgery Showed Her Face From Different Angles
Video: Demi Moore After Unsuccessful Plastic Surgery Showed Her Face From Different Angles
Video: Why Demi Moore LOOKS DIFFERENT at Paris Fashion Week-Plastic Surgeries- Revealed 2023, February

Passions about Demi Moore's beauty transformation have not subsided in any way. The actress still does not comment, but she shared new photos


Exactly a month has passed since the photographs of the "disfigured" Hollywood actress spread throughout the network. At a fashion show in Paris, the legendary model appeared in a new image that still excites the public. For such a period of time, one can already draw a conclusion and understand what exactly happened to Demi.

On January 27 of this year, at the fashion show, Demi Moore eclipsed everyone, even the legendary Kate Moss, who that day took to the catwalk with her daughter. All attention was focused on the actress's face, which had clearly changed. There was a feeling that someone had tied her cheekbones, but the skin looked perfect, as if covered with porcelain. Even the nose, which the celebrity always had neat and beautiful in shape, looked somehow different. Of course, in this form, Moore was unrecognizable, but these are not the first experiments of a woman in plastic surgery.

After such a transformation, there were many rumors on the network that famous plastic surgeons did not get tired of disassembling Demi's face in small details, describing Bish's lumps, liposuction, fillers and other possible injections. However, some fans continued to believe that the actress had just had a bad make-up at the show. Allegedly, the contours of the face were unsuccessfully summed up by the highlighters, who played a cruel joke with the model.

Demi Moore herself appeared a week later on the show of world model Naomi Campbell. Fans and journalists watched the issue several times "inside and out" to hear or find out at least some details about the sensational plastic surgery of the face. But all attempts were in vain. The videographers specially highlighted the model's face so that Demi's flaws and tight cheekbones were as little visible as possible. During the interview, the actress herself did not even hint about her failed operation. Well, it is very difficult to hide such flaws, everyone decided that it was worth waiting a little and the truth would still be revealed. Actually, this is what happened, although Moore still stubbornly continues to be silent, but her new photographs said everything for themselves.

The celebrity posted a new photo on her official Instagram page. The second shot, only from a different angle, she shared in temporary publications. The actress has a huge leopard beret on her head, transparent glasses in front of her eyes, shapes, as she likes, and a funny striped scarf. However, we are more interested in her face, although Demi focused on the photographs on the details. One conclusion suggests itself - the model really did plastic surgery, the makeup was completely irrelevant. So, let's take it apart.


Judging by these photographs, the actress made plastic surgery of her face, at least in the lower part. That is why there was a strong tightness of the skin and prominent cheekbones. Of course, fillers are striking, especially since Moore has not neglected these procedures for several decades, as she herself told about. And the shape of the lips has also changed, but compared to the rest of the transformations, this is not so striking.

Only the fact of the nose remains a mystery. Why the surgeon decided to change its shape is unknown, because it was the actress's nose that was always neat and beautiful. The tip of the nose is now tucked up. It should be assumed that such a manipulation was done for a tangible rejuvenation of the face. Plastic surgeons are among the first to offer this procedure when a patient wants to look younger than his age.

In this situation, the model can be justified by the fact that in the past few years it began to look really older. Her skin has already lost its elasticity, the jawline began to sag, and her lips wrinkle slightly, the natural volume has disappeared.But on the other hand, all these transformations could be done gradually, while remaining in excellent appearance.

This battle for youth is not the first in the life of an actress. Apparently, Demi Moore is not going to lose to the natural aging process, not at 58, not at 65! Why not, if there is a desire, opportunity and permission from the doctors. Although, in the same conversation with Naomi Campbell, Demi insisted that any woman should accept herself for who she is.

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