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Justin Bieber Took Part In James Corden's "Karaoke In The Car"

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Justin Bieber Took Part In James Corden's "Karaoke In The Car"
Justin Bieber Took Part In James Corden's "Karaoke In The Car"

Video: Justin Bieber Took Part In James Corden's "Karaoke In The Car"

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Video: Justin Bieber ft. Selena gomez karaoke in the car 2023, February

During Justin Bieber's third appearance on James Corden's Very Late Show, "Karaoke in the Car," he admitted that he still wants to fight Tom Cruise after his strange challenge to the actor in 2019

After his fans hung out for almost a month, Justin Bieber's third performance in the Karaoke in the Car segment of The Late Late Show finally came out, and it was worth it. Justin Bieber, 25, Joins Late Late Show Host 41- to summer James Corden for another popular segment tour during the February 18 episode, and the singer-songwriter of the world-famous hit "Yummy" did not disappoint. Not only did he teach James some of the tough dance moves to this song, he also repeated his challenge to wrestle with the actor. Tom Cruise, an audacity that he first did in June 2019, which caused bewilderment among fans. It sounded unexpected, and the two men apparently don't even know each other.


James asked Justin a million dollar question about why he caused Tom Cruise to fight via Twitter in 2019. Bieber replied that he was “just stupid, to be honest. Not stupid, but then people said, "Yes, I want this to happen." Then I said, "You know what, it can actually be funny." When James told him that Tom would pretty much kick Justin's ass, the singer replied, “I'm trying not to let my ego get in the way, but there is absolutely no way for it to happen. He's not the guy you see in the movies.

James assured Justin that 57-year-old Tom Cruise is in “phenomenal shape,” to which Bieber said, “That doesn't mean you're a good fighter. See, I'm starting to get upset about what you really say to me, boy. I think you are mesmerized by the characters he plays. I'm dangerous. My dexterity is insane. James kept telling him about Tom doing all his dangerous stunts, but Justin kept saying that Tom was "just an actor." “You don't understand the mind control I have. My mind control is another pattern. I'm different. I Conor McGregor"He said, referring to the former UFC champion. Yes, he is still ready to fight Tom Cruise. Unsurprisingly, Mission: Impossible superstar never took up Justin's challenge.

Justin's appearance in "Karaoke in the Car" begins immediately after the end of "Very Late Show." Tonight "Karaoke in the car". Tomorrow, he and James will wear leggings, tracksuits and their best outfits along with Jennifer Beals from the Flash Dance movie for a charming Toddlerography photo session. On Thursday, February 20, Justin will play the ultimate Truth or Dare game as he sits down for a nervous and heartbreaking version of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts. Imagine that Harry Styles in eventually ate cod sperm (so as not to list the songs he wrote about his ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner) and a giant water scorpion (instead of ranking his album “One direction" from solo recordings of a group member). During the release of this game, it will be interesting to see what ends up in Justin's stomach.

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New #carpoolkaraoke with my friend @j_corden out now. Missed this guy. @latelateshow #latelatebieber

post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Feb 18, 2020 at 10:30 pm PST

This is the third time that Justin has participated in an episode of "Karaoke in the Car" and the first since 2015. Both of his performances took place this year. In May 2015, he sang again some of his old hits ("Kid", "Boy"), and then sang his new, then more recent song, "Where are you now." During his first time in this segment, Justin admitted that he had a 10-year goal where he wanted to be "completely confident and have a family," almost predicting his marriage to Hayley Baldwin… In the second part, which took place on November 18, 2015, Justin and James had some fun. During the performance of some songs from his album, they also stopped for impromptu shopping and changed into each other.

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