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Sergey Shnurov Gave A Voluminous Interview While Walking Around St. Petersburg

Sergey Shnurov Gave A Voluminous Interview While Walking Around St. Petersburg
Sergey Shnurov Gave A Voluminous Interview While Walking Around St. Petersburg
Video: Sergey Shnurov Gave A Voluminous Interview While Walking Around St. Petersburg
Video: Karaseks Kosmos // In St. Petersburg mit Sergey Shnurov von Leningrad 2023, February

Recently, the famous singer Sergei Shnurov gave a voluminous interview while walking around St. Petersburg, he spoke about his personal life, bad habits and shared plans for the future. The main thoughts of the 46-year-old singer are outlined in the article below.

About the attitude towards modern music

Sergey is sure that at the moment it is much easier for young people to achieve success than it was before. All this is thanks to the development of the Internet. If a person is able to create something unusual and memorable, then it will immediately spread on the network like a tsunami. However, how quickly the stars light up, so quickly they go out, according to the singer. To be always at the peak of fame, you need to constantly blow up the audience, keep it in good shape. The competition among young and talented people is much higher at the moment, the change of styles is happening very quickly. The audience does not have time to memorize the names of the artists, and they have already become unpopular.

attitude to alcohol

Recently, the artist has been drinking less and less, and he really does not like it. For example, the last time Sergei drank alcohol in April, it was his birthday.

Personal life

At the moment, Sergei is completely happy. He has a young wife who graduated from university with a Ph.D. in art history. Her education is the first thing the singer learned about his future wife and thought: "If I am art, then art must correspond to an art critic."

Sergey also admitted that at 46 he became less amorous, he associates this with his age. Shnurov says that if a man in decent years can constantly change women, then most likely he is a sexual maniac. He has equal relations with his wife, but, in his opinion, the wife considers herself to be the main one.

Relationship to family money

In the Shnurov family, both earn money, and everyone spends money as they see fit. However, if it comes to large purchases or investments, then everything is decided collectively at a family council.

What he spends his money on

One of my favorite expensive activities is shooting expensive videos. Investing money in culture for Sergey is the most correct one, he believes that it is thanks to his merits that Russian videos on YouTube have become of the highest quality.

This is how much it costs to advertise on social media

Sergey appreciates his services as an advertiser very highly. On Instagram, he has more than five million subscribers, and for each viewer, the singer asks for 1 ruble.


Why did I join the Council of Culture

According to the singer, people who are very far from modern culture are sitting in the cultural council. There are directors who have filmed their films and actors forgotten by the scene. They are there exclusively for selfish purposes, so there is no culture in the country as such. Sergei knows how to get everything back on track, but he will tell you about it later, when he succeeds in doing what was planned.

What will he do after completing his career at Leningrad

Shnurov plans to pursue a solo career, but without any touring. Now he has received an offer from an American festival, and he cannot refuse, because no one has ever been invited there from Russia.

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