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Birthday Of The Angel Of The Soviet Stage: Anna German Could Have Turned 85

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Birthday Of The Angel Of The Soviet Stage: Anna German Could Have Turned 85
Birthday Of The Angel Of The Soviet Stage: Anna German Could Have Turned 85
Video: Birthday Of The Angel Of The Soviet Stage: Anna German Could Have Turned 85
Video: Анна Герман, ангел советской эстрады. Доброе утро. Суббота. Фрагмент выпуска от 13.02.2021 2023, February

February 14 is not only Valentine's Day. On this date, the Soviet singer Anna German was born, who is loved and remembered by everyone


Everyone called Anna a real angel, her colleagues and fans loved her madly. If you think that you have not even heard her songs, then you are mistaken, you just do not know that this magnificent woman is performing them. With the help of her creativity, she could reach out to any heart. Anna German's voice is still considered one of the purest, brightest in the history of show business in the Soviet Union.

Unfortunately, the artist's life was interrupted at the 47th year. She fell ill with a very rare and incurable disease - soft tissue sarcoma. This type of cancer occurs in 1% of the world's population, alas, Herman got into this statistic. Yesterday, February 14, 2021, she could have turned 85 years old!

On this occasion, we decided to note interesting facts about the life of the singer, which you most likely did not know.

Anna German is of German-Polish descent. She lived all her childhood in Poland, but she spent her youth and adult years in Russia. She always admitted in interviews that she considers the Soviet Union her homeland. Unfortunately, after her death, her relatives decided to bury Anna's body in one of the prestigious cemeteries in Warsaw.

Father Herman was considered an enemy of the people, the man was shot when the girl was only one year old, so she does not even remember her father. In this regard, Anna never had a middle name. Her passport always indicated a double name characteristic of European foundations - Anna Victoria German. The singer never touched on the topic of her father in her interviews, she always tried to carefully hide this part of her life story, and perhaps it’s just a sore wound in her heart.

In August 1976, Anna German got into a very serious car accident. This day can be called the second birthday, because the artist should not have survived. The driver who transported the singer to another city suddenly fell asleep at the wheel of a car, at the time of the collision of the car with an obstacle, the speed was developed to 170 km / h. Anna was thrown out of the car through the windshield, the impact was so strong that she flew another 20 meters. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, Anna was alive, she was taken to the hospital with a huge number of severe injuries. Herman lay in a coma for two weeks, the doctors fought for her life, but they were sure that the woman would not be able to cope. When Anna was on the mend, the doctors said that she would never be able to sing again. In spite of everyone, the artist went on the mend and after four years she was able to independently go on stage and sing her hits to the audience.


The only man in Anna's life was Zbigniew Tucholski. He proposed to the singer, but she agreed to become his wife only 10 years later. All this time Zbigniew waited and was faithful to his beloved. The doctors also told Anna that after the accident she would not be able to have children, and if she became pregnant, she would not be able to bear the child. But even in this situation, Herman proved how strong the desire to live a fulfilling life can be. In marriage, she had one only son, Zbyshek.

Anna German became the first singer in Russia to sing as an encore to her loyal listeners. During one concert she could sing her hit “When the Gardens Bloomed” several times, none of the artists had done this before her.

The celebrity had an incredibly clear soprano voice. To this day, there was not a person who could cover her songs, or come close to the original.

The songs of Anna German were heard not only by people in the Soviet Union, but also far beyond its borders. One of the greatest admirers of the artist was Pope John Paul II.

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