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Kanye West Is Disappointed In Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Is Disappointed In Kim Kardashian
Kanye West Is Disappointed In Kim Kardashian

Video: Kanye West Is Disappointed In Kim Kardashian

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Video: Kanye West’s Friends Finally Reveal How Kim Kardashian Destroyed Kanye 2023, February

Last weekend, the Met Gal2017 Costume Institute Ball took place. The event attracted a host of celebrity guests, including representatives of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kim and Kendall posed on the red carpet in front of the photographers. Note that the sisters looked incredible. But for Kim, the celebration did not go as she expected - in public she appeared without her beloved man Kanye West, who this year ignored the ball.

Insiders say that there were good reasons for this: the fact is that Kanye is incredibly angry with his wife and is now trying not to intersect with her.

This is due to the recent photos from Kim's vacation on the beach in Mexico, after which more than a hundred thousand people unsubscribed from the reality star on Instagram.


“Kanye turned Kim into a fashion and style icon, and in photos with her sister Kourtney on the beach in Mexico, she looked unkempt and cheap. All of Kanye's work went down the drain. Kanye is also angry with Courtney, because he believes that she is happy with this unsuccessful photo shoot, because she looks better than her sister,”- told the insider to The Sun.

This version, say Internet users, has a right to exist, especially if we take into account the fact that Kanye is now positioning himself only as a king and God, and therefore there is no place for imperfection near him.

Another informant who spoke to People said that Kim had nothing to do with Kanye's refusal to attend Met Gal. They say that the reason for everything is a nervous breakdown that he experienced last fall and he is simply not ready to appear in public yet: “It's about the stress and pressure that the red carpet has. Kanye is not yet ready for publicity, although he has made a lot of progress in rehabilitation. He stayed with the children in Los Angeles, and Kim and her sisters flew to the Met Gala in New York - Kanye supports Kim at a distance, but so far refrains from public events."

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