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Beloved Jason Stethem Spoke About Their Life Together

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Beloved Jason Stethem Spoke About Their Life Together
Beloved Jason Stethem Spoke About Their Life Together
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Famous British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley became the face of the cover of the new edition of the glossy ELLE. In an interview, the woman told how she gets along with her beloved Jason Stethem


The world famous model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appeared before the readers of the magazine in a very frank form - completely naked. No less frank was her interview, in which she spoke about her relationship with Hollywood actor Jason Stethem.

We recall that the model and the actor have been in a civil marriage for more than six years, they even have a joint child. The age difference between common-law spouses is 20 years, but this does not bother them at all. In an interview, Rosie shared her story of meeting Jason.

“Of course I remember that first evening when we first met and spent time alone. Then the next day in the morning I immediately called my best friend and said: “Wow, he is not at all the person I imagined him to be. He is very restrained and humble, but at the same time he is just as cheerful, energetic and incredibly charismatic. " - says the model.

The celebrity also added that she did not expect such a cast of character from a Hollywood actor. It was these positive traits that greatly influenced the sympathy of Huntington-Whiteley.

“He knows the price of a pound. And fortunately, he knows what hard work is … Jason was not an actor before, he first got a role in a movie at thirty. He had a long period of life when he worked as a decorator and artist, he also stood in the market behind a counter and was engaged in the most ordinary trade” Rosie explains.


Most of all, the model appreciates in a Hollywood actor his earthiness and simplicity, she herself admits this.

Rosie went on to say that their only son took on the character of a father and mother. He is very stubborn and constantly likes everything to happen under his strict control.

“You can ask my mother and she will tell you what I hated all my life when they told me what to do. Now I see the same thing in my child, and Jason is the same. He loves to control everything, it is on these issues that we can have conflicts at home - we are both incredibly stubborn. Well, now we have another three-year-old man at home who can clearly become the main character in all hostilities. " - says the model.

At the end of the interview, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley touched on a complex topic - aging and growing up. She admitted that she is now at such an age when the first wrinkles on the body are already beginning to be visible. It is very important for a model to have an impeccable appearance, so it is interesting to know what Rosie thinks about this.

“I have always been drawn to people who are even a little older than me, this is obvious. Yes, I am now starting to notice the first wrinkles on my body, and perhaps not all things fit perfectly on me after the birth of a child, but so far everything suits me " - summed up the celebrity.

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