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Silver Galosh 2013: Winners

Silver Galosh 2013: Winners
Silver Galosh 2013: Winners
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The 17th awards ceremony took place in Moscow "Silver galosh"… The award, we recall, is solemnly given out for the most dubious achievements of the year. This time, the antiheroes were not honored anywhere, in the Kremlin, however, not so many Russian celebrities gathered at the celebration of slander. But the list of awardees, on the contrary, was impressive - it included both local celebrities like Anastasia Volochkova and Nikita Dzhigurdaand world-class stars, for example, Gerard Depardieu and the American president Barack Obama.

The hosts of the ceremony were Ksenia Sobchak and Alexander Gordon… A couple on stage tried to compete in wit - Ksyusha made fun of Gordon's age, and he christened Sobchak with Maxim Vitorgan "A young low-income family."

By the way, Ksenia not only hosted the show, she won one of the awards, overtaking in the category "Kindness of the Year" Bozena Rynska… Sobchak earned a similar honor for a telephone conversation made public by the media - in it, the star did not speak very kindly about the neighbour's children.

Volochkova won the Instagram of the Year nomination for a series of photographs against the backdrop of flooding in Vladivostok. In this connection, the presenter recalled a common joke from the Internet: "This is the only case when one natural disaster is filmed against the background of another."

Gerard Deperdieu was named "Guest Worker of the Year" - probably it is not necessary to specify for what merits. Barack Obama was awarded a galosh in one of the most honorable nominations - he became the "Plagiarist of the Year", for allegedly "licking" the idea of ​​the election campaign from Vladimir Putin.

By the way, the organizers of the award did not ignore Russian politicians either. Anatoly Serdyukov, who was fired after the scandal with the sale of the property of the Ministry of Defense, received a "Kalosha" in the nomination "Official of the Year, or the chair stays with a man." The owner of the title "Mimimi of the Year" was the well-known Elena Mizulina, an ardent fighter against sodomy and other outrages.

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