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Danko Wished Sati Casanova To Burn In Hell

Danko Wished Sati Casanova To Burn In Hell
Danko Wished Sati Casanova To Burn In Hell
Video: Danko Wished Sati Casanova To Burn In Hell
Video: Danko Jones - Burn In Hell (Official Music Video) 2023, February

Careless words and hastily voiced thoughts played a cruel joke with Sati Casanova, because of which the girl made an enemy in the person of the singer Danko.

At a press conference in Kabardino-Balkaria dedicated to her Culture and Life Foundation, Sati spoke extremely incorrectly about children with congenital diseases and developmental disabilities, calling them “crooked and oblique”.

As soon as he heard these words, Danko burst into anger.

Alexander (the real name of the artist), without choosing words, wished Casanova "to burn in hell."


“For everyone, this is an empty phrase, but my child is sick. For me it's like a kick in the balls, like a spit in the face. For the rest, it’s all stupid to neigh or doesn’t concern them at all. And it is very painful for me to hear this, - said the singer. - I think that this is elementarily incorrect, we still live in society, she is not sitting in her village and saying this. She is a star and has no right not to control her words."

Then the performer completely switched to personal insults: "It would be better if she did something good, otherwise she can only call them crooked and clumsy … I know her in real life: just the wind in her head is a dummy."

As you might expect, this skirmish between the two colleagues quickly became public knowledge and attracted a lot of attention.

Sati was forced to apologize: “I am very sorry that this happened - and with regard to people, children with any diseases, - I dare not be cynical or cruel in relation to them! I found out about the situation in the family of Alexander Danko only now, having talked to him on the phone, I apologized to him. Sasha understood me. I am on the board of trustees of two more funds: with cerebral palsy and rehabilitation of young people with disabilities. I see how painful it is for my parents, I see it only from the outside, what kind of work and trial they go through … I ask forgiveness from everyone whom, unwillingly, I offended!"

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