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Prince Harry's Beloved Blackmailed Intimate Photos

Prince Harry's Beloved Blackmailed Intimate Photos
Prince Harry's Beloved Blackmailed Intimate Photos
Video: Prince Harry's Beloved Blackmailed Intimate Photos
Video: BREAKING! How did Fergie’s toe sucking lover end up being blackmailed over nude photos? 2023, February

Prince Harry is the complete opposite of his older brother. Unlike Prince William, who, in his student years, decided on his beloved, Harry is still in search and, it seems, will not stop in the near future.

Recently, the media got information that a representative of the royal family has struck up a relationship with an American - 35-year-old Meghan Markle. But, there are rumors that this romance is not destined to continue due to the scandalousness of the girl.

Recently, Megan became the victim of a new scandal, in which her candid photos are involved. An unknown man called the actress and said that he had a whole series of pictures in which she was completely naked. Considering the horror of this made Megan, we can assume that we are not talking about professional photography, but about home personal photos.

At the moment, it is not known what purpose this mysterious person is pursuing. Western journalists report that they have not yet talked about money.

“Megan is horrified, because if these photos appear on the Internet, they will blow up the Web, as once happened with the pictures of Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian, - says a source from the environment of the actress. - Before, she did not think about the fact that the pictures could suddenly surface, but now that she is officially with Harry, her photoshoot can ruin everything. Of course, this is the last thing she would like."

It is noted that the pictures were taken during Markle's marriage with Trevor Engelson, when they were vacationing in New Zealand. The couple ended up on a deserted beach and decided to swim naked. At this time, an unknown person followed them, who eventually stole their clothes.

The star of the series "Force Majeure" noticing the thieves, chased them, but, as it turned out, this situation was specially set up by the attackers. When completely naked Megan was trying to catch the kidnappers, the paparazzi suddenly appeared and began to photograph the celebrity.

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