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The Weeknd's Father Wants A Reconciliation With His Son

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The Weeknd's Father Wants A Reconciliation With His Son
The Weeknd's Father Wants A Reconciliation With His Son
Video: The Weeknd's Father Wants A Reconciliation With His Son
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Fourteen years old 26 year old Abel Tesfayehe is a famous Canadian rapper The weeknd did not see my father. Now that the guy has grown up and has become famous all over the world, the folder has changed its mind and declared his great regret. Makonnen Tesfaye, the name of the performer's biological father, gave an interview in which he spoke about his feelings for his son.


“I have a dream - to build a bridge between me and my son. I wish this more than anything in the world and it's hard for me even to think that we are wasting our time on grievances. I want to apologize to him for not being around at a difficult time for him, when he really needed me

My son is on my mind every day, and I want to tell him to his face how proud I am of him. " the man said.

Asked if he approves of the choice of his son in the person of Selena Gomez, Makonnen said:

“I will accept his every step and completely trust him. I am sure that he makes wise and deliberate decisions. Everything that makes him happy - makes me happy too " - said Tesfaye Sr.

Makonnen and Abela's mother Samra are both from Ethiopia. They met in 1987 in Montreal. When the couple had a son, he was like two peas in a pod similar to his father (recalls Makonnen).

“From his very birth, I suspected that my son would grow up as a musician. When I fed him, I turned on music for him, he especially loved Fats Domino. When the music ended, he refused to eat

I will never forget how he danced to Michael Jackson's Beat It during his first birthday. " the man said.

When the boy was two years old, his parents separated and his father left for the United States. Samra stayed with her child in Montreal. Since then, the father visited his son less and less, and at some point he simply disappeared from his life. They last saw each other when Abel was twelve years old.

“The fact that he grew up far from me torments me as a father,” says Makonnen.

Once in an interview with The Weeknd he admitted that he had been addicted to drugs since he was eleven years old. First there was marijuana, then what was not - cocaine, hallucinogenic mushrooms, ketamine … the list was endless. At the moment when the teenager needed a reliable shoulder and supervision, the father was not around, and the mother could not do anything with the wayward son.

"I want my son to know: I am very, very sorry that I was not there." - said the father to his son.

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