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Robert Pattinson Proposed To His Sweetheart

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Robert Pattinson Proposed To His Sweetheart
Robert Pattinson Proposed To His Sweetheart
Video: Robert Pattinson Proposed To His Sweetheart
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Hollywood handsome Robert Pattinson broke the hearts of all his fans: he will soon get married! According to unofficial information, the star proposed to the model Sookie Waterhouse

Rumors that the star couple will soon become a real family were provoked by the British paparazzi. They managed to capture young people while walking around London. On July 22nd, Sukie and Robert decided to dine at one of the local restaurants, on the way to which they became the target of the paparazzi. The model's ring finger wore a huge gold ring, which became an excuse for engagement gossip.

The first rumors that young people are going to get married began to circulate in the press back in 2019. However, at that time, neither Sookie nor Robert decided to comment on what was happening in their personal lives.

For the first time, Robert and Sookie were spotted on a romantic date back in 2018. The famous actor decided not to be banal, and on the first date he invited the model to the theater for the performance of “Mama Mia”.

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Robert Pattinson looked so happy while walking arm in arm with girlfriend Suki Waterhouse while out in London after lockdown. #RobertPattinson #SukiWaterhouse Photos: Backgrid

post shared by Just Jared (@justjared) on Jul 21, 2020 at 11:47 am PDT

When the pandemic began, the lovers decided to quarantine together. They closed in London, in an apartment that Pattinson owns. According to an insider, such solitude benefited the couple, their relationship became much stronger, Robert realized that he could live with Sookie all his life. Therefore, for the Christmas holidays I presented her with a long-awaited ring. Naturally, Waterhouse agreed to the proposal of the Hollywood handsome. So far, the star couple is not going to comment on their personal life. Robert was once interviewed and stated in the affirmative:

“The essence of love is devalued when you let strangers into it. I do not understand how someone can walk down the street and hold my hand, and at this moment I am doing the same, but at the same time hundreds of people are photographing me. The border between what you really feel, and when you play, can be erased and then you just go crazy”- admitted the actor.

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