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Katy Perry Answered Her Fans' Questions About Motherhood

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Katy Perry Answered Her Fans' Questions About Motherhood
Katy Perry Answered Her Fans' Questions About Motherhood

Video: Katy Perry Answered Her Fans' Questions About Motherhood

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Video: Katy Perry Answers Adorable Questions From Her Youngest Fans | PeopleTV 2023, February

Popular American singer Katy Perry recently became a mother for the first time. The woman does not show her daughter's face, but shares stories about her with great pleasure


More than five months ago, singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom became the parents of the beautiful girl Daisy. The stellar parents decided not to show the baby to the public, but in each interview they are happy to share stories about the achievements of their child. So Katie admitted that motherhood for her is the most important part of life.

The other day, Katy Perry went live on the Instagram social network. She promised her subscribers to answer the most interesting questions in real time. Of course, the fans were most interested in baby Daisy, her development and the singer's attitude to motherhood. The celebrity admitted that her daughter changed her life very much for the better.

“She insanely changed my life and still continues to do so. I think that every woman, when she becomes a mother, feels this on herself. I'm just totally focused on my motherhood. " says Katie.

The singer also noticed that now her daughter is always in the foreground, all other responsibilities simply receded, although she continues to do everything that she did before giving birth. Note that just six weeks after the birth of the baby, Katie returned to her work, writing songs and recording an album. However, she constantly repeats that Daisy comes first for her.


“Being a mom is the best job in the world. I highly recommend all women to feel this, but only after you are sure that you are ready to become a mother. " - the singer shared her feelings.

Perry says it gives her great pleasure to watch her baby change and develop. Every day, the daughter acquires new skills, and this is very pleasing to the stellar parents.

“Over the past five months, my daughter has changed a lot. I constantly look at her photos with the same word “Wow!”. This is the most unique way that allows you to understand how quickly our time is running. Just once - and you can already observe what chubby cheeks have become in your daughter. In a sense, she inspired me to appreciate even more every moment I lived. " - the artist admits.

It is worth noting that Katie, before meeting Orlando Bloom, very often experienced a state of depression, she even thought about suicide. Her lover was able to show that the world is beautiful and there is always a point in fighting for your life. Now that the singer has a daughter, most likely, she will no longer succumb to the temptation of psychological breakdown.

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