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Vogue Editor-in-chief Compiled A List Of 2020 Fashion Rules For Girls

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Vogue Editor-in-chief Compiled A List Of 2020 Fashion Rules For Girls
Vogue Editor-in-chief Compiled A List Of 2020 Fashion Rules For Girls
Video: Vogue Editor-in-chief Compiled A List Of 2020 Fashion Rules For Girls
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Editor Anna Wintour is considered one of the most powerful women in the world. This year she decided to give fashion advice to all women. To be honest, some of the rules were very surprising


No logos

At the moment, various logos on T-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers are at their peak of popularity. However, Anna advises to stop buying such things, because very soon they will cease to be fashionable. In her opinion, these logos are simply temporary fashion, moreover, such things need to be able to combine correctly so as not to look ridiculous and ridiculous. Many do not understand that a garment with a logo is a thing that acts as an accent. It cannot be combined with other bright things, for example, painted jeans or sneakers in rhinestones.

The editor emphasized that it is best to invest in classic clothes, or one that belongs to the style of minimalism. Such clothes will never go out of fashion, and will always emphasize femininity.

Nude shoes - the main part of the wardrobe

Wintour believes that if you have black shoes in your wardrobe that are suitable for any kind of holiday, then you definitely need to heed her recommendations. Anna is sure that shoes of powdery and beige shades can replace standard black pumps forever. Visually nude footwear lengthens the legs, moreover, it is able to save any vivid image.

The celebrity tested it on herself. Since 1994, she has been wearing shoes of these colors exclusively. Her favorite model is sandals, with two intertwined ribbons at the toe and a small heel. She skillfully combines such shoes with any outfit.


Floral print

If you look at the photos of the editor, you will notice that quite often she appears in public in dresses with flowers. She is sure that it is the floral pattern that can be the best casual wear for any woman. It perfectly emphasizes femininity, hides flaws and emphasizes the dignity of the figure.

If a dress with a floral ornament is combined with rough boots, then the image will become mysterious, romantic and daring at the same time.

Ditch pants altogether

Most women can argue with this rule, because sweatpants, jeans and leggings have become an integral part of everyday wear. Anna, on the other hand, puts her bets on femininity and elegance, so she advises to buy as many dresses and skirts as possible. In Wintour's wardrobe, most of the midi and maxi dresses. Several times she appeared in public in trousers, but no one even remembers this. Looking at the images of Anna, I just want to wear dresses not only for dates or holidays, but in everyday life too.

Sunglasses are required to be perfect

Anna almost always wears sunglasses. Everyone always thinks that this is part of her image, but she is forced to wear them for medical reasons, the editor's eyes cannot stand the bright sunlight. Therefore, you can imagine with what trepidation she chooses this accessory. However, she believes that glasses should still be in the wardrobe of any woman. If you want to make your image unforgettable, then you should pay attention to glasses of an unusual shape.

Say yes to mass-market clothing

According to Anna, buying things exclusively in expensive boutiques is stupid and not right. Of course, these things are distinguished by quality, style and high price. Most importantly, you need to pay attention to an interesting design solution, and such things come across even in supermarkets. Despite the fact that her magazine focuses on brands, Anna has never called for shopping exclusively in boutiques.

By the way, the same opinion is shared by various celebrities, Kate Middleton or Lady Gaga.


At least one thing must be made of material - tweed

Anna Wintour is very fond of strict classical suits made of this fabric. Therefore, he encourages women all over the world to have at least one such suit, this will allow at any time to quickly get together for an important meeting, while looking at the highest level. Under such an outfit, there must be a large necklace and high-heeled shoes.

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