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Another Charge Against Michael Jackson

Another Charge Against Michael Jackson
Another Charge Against Michael Jackson
Video: Another Charge Against Michael Jackson
Video: Michael Jackson's extraordinary 1996 interrogation on abuse claims 2023, February

After the death of music legend Michael Jackson, the pedophilia case was never closed, and from time to time new charges even appear. This time, a new victim has appeared in the juvenile corruption case!


American lawyer Vince Finaldi said that in the early 80s, a 13-year-old girl was the victim of sexual abuse by Jackson. For her silence, the woman, who is already 50, received a huge sum. "I have copies of checks from Jackson's music production company, which he personally signed," the lawyer said. "I have no doubt that she is telling the truth."

According to the victim of the pop legend, she decided to talk about what happened after the release of the documentary "Leaving Neverland", which is dedicated to the Jackson case of sexual harassment. “He preferred young boys, and my ward describes herself as a kid at the time,” Finaldi said.

Recall, despite the fact that Jackson died back in 2009, there are people who want to sue his identity. Renowned choreographer Wade Robson has previously tried to accuse Michael Jackson of harassment. The lawsuit went to a California court, but after a while the application was rejected. It was decided that the companies controlled by the Michael Jackson Estate were not responsible for the alleged sexual assault by the performer.

The claim was dismissed due to the expiration of the four-year term established by law. “The plaintiff has not filed a dispute over this action since his 26th birthday (under California law, a child abuse victim can file a complaint before the age of 26),” said Judge Mitchell Beckloff. - Today the plaintiff is 35 years old, he was 30 years old when he filed a lawsuit … The plaintiff filed his application 4 years later, after the expiration of the limitation period.

Robson filed a lawsuit against the artist, claiming that he had been sexually assaulted by Jackson for nearly a decade, and his companies contributed to this behavior. In 2015, the lawsuit was dismissed by a probate court, but two companies still remain in the defendants - MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures.

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