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Ksenia Sobchak Is Pregnant Again?

Ksenia Sobchak Is Pregnant Again?
Ksenia Sobchak Is Pregnant Again?
Video: Ksenia Sobchak Is Pregnant Again?
Video: TATARKA: впервые откровенно о разводе с Ильичом, женском рэпе и работе в секс-шопе 2023, February

Xenia has a new life, a new love, a new man, so it's no wonder that she

have to remember again how to change diapers and take care of


Who where, and Sobchak all get married. When 6 years ago a glamorous journalist

Ksenia Sobchak put on a wedding dress and, in secret from everyone, married

actor Maxim Vitorgan, then forced the public to open wide

mouths in surprise. After the wedding, Ksenia finally said goodbye to

secular parties and attributes of a blonde in chocolate. Instead of noisy

parties she cooked a delicious dinner for Maxim.


“Maxim does not recognize potatoes from packages, so I have to peel

herself. Yes, this is good, because I can sit quietly on

stool and while the cleanings fall into the bucket, think about something

serious,”said Ksenia.

And as for serious matters, Sobchak did not deceive, since one

She didn't stop at potatoes. After a while, I came to

cabbage, just in the same one - in which babies are found! And after three

year, everyone was surprised by the news that she was preparing to become a mother. The emergence

the son of Plato was brought closer together by the couple, whose relationship they chose

all the followers of her Instagram page. In the meantime, lovers

showed their vanilla relationship, no one knew that

the couple's divorce is almost a done deal.

Last fall, there were rumors that Ksenia had spun a novel with

directed by Konstantin Bogomolov. Too often they were seen on

mind together, but the couple did not give confirmation of these rumors, and even in

At the same time, the social network continued to run the tape of the family idyll. Already

such rumors seemed to have stopped going, when suddenly Ksenia, together with

Bogomolov began to attend social events. By chance or not, but

and Bogomolov, after several years of marriage, divorced his

his wife Daria and the puzzle began to slowly fit together.

Then the couple got together to celebrate the New Year separately. But even after

a couple of official statements did not make all these facts. On the contrary, they

began to artificially create the appearance of an ideal couple. Came

together at social events, posted joint photos, but what

no matter how conspirators the married couple were at one moment, they still

were held by posting their romantic photo of last year

prescription. And later they appeared at one of the social events without

wedding rings. And finally, a video appeared on the network about how Maxim

broke the director's nose. And when there is already a story about this love triangle

the public was a little tired of the couple at the same time published on their

pages sensational statement.


“We have been living separately for a long time, we have different lives, we have a common

child and we will not share it, but we will raise it as loving

parents!”, - published by Ksenia and Maxim.

But even after the divorce, Ksenia and Konstantin did not

commented. And later, Konstantin publicly confessed his love to Xenia.

But on the sidelines, rumors are spreading that he is only "promoting" on her

name, and Sobchak dared to marry him.

According to some reports, Ksyusha's dress cost about $ 200,000

USA, but the invited guests were more surprised that they signed for

Friday the 13th and even arrived at the registry office in a hearse!

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