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The Driver Robbed Anastasia Volochkova

The Driver Robbed Anastasia Volochkova
The Driver Robbed Anastasia Volochkova
Video: The Driver Robbed Anastasia Volochkova
Video: АНАСТАСИЯ ВОЛОЧКОВА | Шпагаты, интриги, расследования | ОСТОРОЖНО, СОБЧАК 2023, February

The famous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova did not expect such a blow in the back. A person from the inner circle of the dancer stole her money.

Vladimir, that is the driver's name, worked with the ballerina for over a year. Anastasia did not offend him, and paid him well for his services. According to Volochkova, the driver's fee was enough to hire a driver for his wife.


Anastasia learned about the theft by accident. On the day Volochkova fired the dishonest worker, she caught him stealing fifty thousand dollars. Now the celebrity wants to find out how long and to what extent the driver stole her money. The ballerina suspects that we can talk about millions of rubles, because she trusted him so much that she sent him to the bank with royalties for concerts. When asked to bring documents, Vladimir began to play up, and now she understands why.

After the driver was fired, Anastasia made inquiries about him, and it turned out that the enterprising man opened four firms of completely different types of activity at once, and each of them had millions of rubles in debt to banks. It is possible that in this way he wanted to cover his own debts.

Anastasia was also shocked by the information that for several months the driver had poured something into her drinks. What kind of substance it was is now being established by experts.

Vladimir deceived the ballerina and that his mother allegedly died. The swindler asked for money for the funeral, and a sympathetic celebrity gave him $ 110,000. Now Volochkova found out that everything is fine with the driver's mother, she is alive and well, but avoids communication with journalists, and even with Anastasia herself.

The dancer now predicts the emergence of incriminating evidence on her. Six months ago, Vladimir stole the artist's laptop, and personal correspondence, as well as the celebrity's family archive, fell into the hands of the malefactor. According to Anastasia, the driver's sister and wife managed to crack the password, and now she is ready for them to disclose her personal information.

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