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Beyoncé Turns 39: Everything About The Singer, From Being A Member Of Destiny's Child To The Present Day

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Beyoncé Turns 39: Everything About The Singer, From Being A Member Of Destiny's Child To The Present Day
Beyoncé Turns 39: Everything About The Singer, From Being A Member Of Destiny's Child To The Present Day
Video: Beyoncé Turns 39: Everything About The Singer, From Being A Member Of Destiny's Child To The Present Day
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Beyoncé turns 39 today, looking back at the iconic career of the Grammy winner. From her success with Destiny's Child to the present day

Happy Birthday Bey! The 24-time Grammy winner turns 39 on September 4, and what better way to remember Beyoncé's work than looking back at the important moments of her career. The eponymous talent has been a mainstay of popular culture since the early 2000s, and it's so clear that it's just getting started. Not only has Beyoncé endured the ups and downs in her career and personal life, the artist has continued to use her platform for good.

Following the death of George Floyd on May 25, Beyoncé delivered an important message to her Instagram followers. “We all witnessed his murder in broad daylight. We are broken and disgusted. We cannot satisfy this pain. I'm not just talking about the pain of black people. If you are white, black, brown, or whatever, I'm sure you feel hopeless about the racism happening in America right now."

Aside from touching words, she encouraged her fans to “stay focused” and continue to be active in the Black Lives Matter movement. She also demanded indictment against the three Louisville cops who killed Breonna Taylor in her sleep. “With every death of a black man at the hands of the police, there are two real tragedies: the death itself and the subsequent inaction and delay in the investigation. This is your chance to end this pattern. Take swift and decisive action by bringing charges against the officers,”she pleaded.


Before Beyoncé became a solo artist and Grammy winning inspirational figure, she was part of a girl group known as Destiny's Child, which has received international recognition and received two Grammy awards! Originally called Girl's Tyme, the group originated in Houston, Texas and conquered the country with their catchy songs and a powerful message of feminine resilience. In 2000, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams won their first Grammy Award for their song "Say My Name", which won the trio "Best R&B Duo or Group Performance". The next year, 2001, they again won the same category for the track "Survivor".

After a farewell performance at the 2006 NBA All-Star Game on February 19, 2006 in their hometown of Houston, the three women continued to pursue their solo projects on a full-time basis. In the same year, Beyoncé released her album B’Day, which included tracks such as “Get Me Bodied” and “Irreplaceable”. Two years later, Beyoncé's album "I Am … SashFierce" was released with the main hit "Single Ladies", which earned the artist a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. Since her fourth album in 2011, Beyoncé has completely changed the game with digital technology - literally.

She wowed fans around the world with the release of her first visual album of the same name, Beyonce, which included tracks such as "Flawless", "Pretty Hurts" and "Partition". The album also included an ode to daughter Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, whom she gave birth to from her husband Jay-Z in January 2012. Feminist anthems and more came out of Beyoncé's first self-titled album, and she won three Grammy Awards! By this time, Beyoncé had focused exclusively on her music, following her acting success with films such as Dreamgirls. , « Cadillac Records and Austin Powers at Goldmember.

Three years later, Beyoncé released one of her most famous works to date - Lemonade. Her second visual album included tracks such as Sorry, Don’t Hurt Yourself and Formation. Billed as Beyoncé's most radical work, it chronicles police brutality and activism and eloquently talks about a difficult chapter in her relationship with Jay-Z. Lemonade's success brought Beyoncé further recognition at the Grammy Awards when she was pregnant with twins. Sir and Rumi… Shortly thereafter, she reached a major milestone and became the first black woman to lead Coachell in 2018, documenting the entire journey in her Netflix movie Homecoming.

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