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15 Things You May Not Know About Angelina Jolie

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15 Things You May Not Know About Angelina Jolie
15 Things You May Not Know About Angelina Jolie
Video: 15 Things You May Not Know About Angelina Jolie
Video: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Angelina Jolie 2023, February

Today Angelina one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world who lives with one of the most attractive men Brad Pitt… She is a mother of many children, goodwill ambassador, actress and director. But for all her public life and few paparazzi photos, we know little about other moments in her personal and past life.

We found a selection of little-known facts from life Jolie, which may shed some light on her personality for you. And here is a lot of interesting things, even about the actress's sexual preferences, her love for funerals and bloody antics.

Playing with knives in bed

Angelina - a well-known lover of edged weapons. Once she even told how the knives took part in her first sexual experience: “Nothing else can be so real and honest. That's why I have knives everywhere … during my first sexual relationship, I took out knives and we had a night where we attacked each other. It didn't hurt, it was cool, so primitive and so honest. " Well, big stars have a lot of weirdness.

No hugs

The actress once admitted that she hates being hugged. “Growing up, I developed a dislike for being hugged, even when my mother did it. I have a lump in my throat when I talk about it. " So access to the stellar body is limited.

Blood painting

In 2000 Jolie married Billy Bob Thornton… They were a very interesting couple in Hollywood and many intimate details are known about their relationship, but one attracts more attention. In 2001, they wrote their vows in blood to each other. True, as we can see, this did not save the marriage.

I'm ready to use the gun

Angelina admitted that they are with Brad do not mind keeping weapons in the house, and that they have one pistol. “Yes, if I have to, I can use it. I can stand up for myself. " In 2012 it was reported that Pitt bought Angelina shooting range, because "for Angelina, shooting is like an aphrodisiac." Brad did not comment on such details, but said she was a good shooter.

Bdsm lover

Angelina I like BDSM ever since she started using knives in her sexual relationships. “You are young, drunk, you are in bed, you have knives: anything can happen,” says Jolie. In 2008, the Internet exploded with a strange video with the actress, in which she talks about all the delights of a sado-maso relationship.

First wedding

Even before getting engaged to Brad Pitt, or marry Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina managed to get married with my colleague Johnny Lee Miller in 1996. Instead of a wedding dress, the actress wore black leather pants and a white shirt with the name of the groom written on it, and with the blood of Angelina.

Funeral lover

While still a child Angelina noticed that she was attracted to funerals, so she dreamed of becoming the director of a funeral services bureau. “When I was younger, I went to a funeral, and it seemed to me that it was not enough to celebrate someone's life. I thought I could arrange things better. I wanted to learn everything, so I even took home courses when I was 14.”

Beloved sister of his brother

Have Angelina and her older brother James Haven a very strange close relationship. In 2000, they surprised everyone with a kiss on the lips right on the red carpet. James himself calls Angelina the most ideal woman in his life. “Any woman has to go through two filters: me and my sister. I'm a perfectionist by nature. In addition, since Angie and I are close, there is always an ideal woman in my life, and it is very difficult for someone else to get along with it."

Space flight

Angelina bought myself a ticket to space flight, which is organized by billionaire Richard Branson. The actress plans to go into outer space together with other stars: Ashton Kutcher and the Branson family themselves.


She controls the plane herself

While space is still far away Angelina flies in her single-engine aircraft, she is a licensed pilot. True, Jolie flies into the sky only in clear weather.

Cambodian citizen

After filming Lara Croft in Cambodia Angelina fell in love with the local people and the area itself. Therefore, she later came there with charitable missions and social work, after which the Minister of Cambodia awarded her the title of Honorary Citizen of Cambodia in 2004.

Meaningful tattoos

Seven lines with numbers on the left hand Jolie indicate the coordinates of the birthplaces of her six children and even Brad Pitt.

Relationship with father

Father Angelina - famous actor Jon Voight. But their relationship was constantly changing. In 2001, Voight stated that Jolie had psychological problems after she decided to adopt a child from Cambodia. In 2009, after 8 years of falling out, the actress made peace with her father, not without the help and support of Pitt.

Modest mom

Together with Brad Pitt and 6 children, they are the most famous family in the world, but Angelina herself says that they are an ordinary, normal family. She never brags about her large children and even plans to adopt a 7th child.

Billy Bob Frenzy

Greatest madness Jolie did when she was married to Billy Bob. So, the couple often wore medallions with each other's blood. After the divorce, Jolie demanded that Bob return 5 vials of her blood so that he could not use it for black magic. For one of the anniversaries Angelina gave Billy a tombstone … Meanwhile, Billy admitted that when they were at a distance, he put on Jolie's underwear, and she put on his. And one day during a television show, the couple confessed that they had just had sex in a limousine while driving to the set.

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