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Famous Writer Tom Clancy Dies At Death

Famous Writer Tom Clancy Dies At Death
Famous Writer Tom Clancy Dies At Death

Video: Famous Writer Tom Clancy Dies At Death

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Video: Author Tom Clancy dies at 66 2023, February

Famous writer dies in America at 66 Tom Clancy, author of thrillers and political detectives, in particular - a series of books about Jack Ryanthat made the writer a star.

Tom's publisher said he died on Tuesday October 1 at a hospital in his hometown of Baltimore. The cause of the writer's death is unknown to the press.

Tom Clancy has published a total of 27 books, of which we know such as “The Hunt for“Red October”,“Games of the Patriots”,“Direct and Obvious Threat”. Many films were shot based on his books - in particular, a picture is being prepared for release. Jack Ryan from Chris Pine in the lead role, which was filmed in Moscow. Clancy was also the author of scripts for many famous computer games - Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon.

Despite the fact that Tom wrote about covert US operations, he tried never to reveal real state secrets. “I will never commercialize information that could endanger the security of the United States,” Clancy told CNN in 2003. - Once I started discussing a topic with a friend from the British Navy, to which he asked me never to speak about it aloud again. I didn’t talk about it anymore.”

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