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Died Polish Writer Joanna Chmielewska

Died Polish Writer Joanna Chmielewska
Died Polish Writer Joanna Chmielewska
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Sad news for fans John Chmielewska: The writer passed away in her native Poland. She was 81 years old. Mrs. Ioanna died after a long illness, information about her death was reported by the publishing house "Klin", which published Khmelevskaya's books.

“Lately she was very seriously ill, but she always tried to do everything possible for her reader,” said an employee of the publishing house Malgorzata Havlinska.

Ioanna Khmelevskaya became famous as a master of an ironic detective story, although many mistakenly call her the author of women's novels - which is not at all the case. It's just that the main character of her novels is a woman, witty and resourceful. At the heart of this character is, of course, the personality of Khmelevskaya herself, whose real name is Irena Barbara Kuhn… She was born on April 2, 1932 in Warsaw. In 1954 she graduated from the architecture department of the Warsaw University of Technology, worked in the Bureau of Energy Projects. She decided to devote herself entirely to literature in 1970. Khmelevskaya wrote more than 60 novels, many humorous "manuals", feuilletons and books for children. Her books have been translated into Russian, Czech, Slovak and Swedish. The total circulation of the novels in Poland exceeded 6 million, and in Russia - 8 million. The most famous books of Mrs. John - "Everything Red", "What the Dead Man Said", "Wedge by Wedge", "Les", "Special Merit" and many others. Everyone loves these books for their sparkling humor and heroes who never give up. “The amusement of the surrounding world penetrates into my prose. This is not a satire, but a presentation of the idiocy going on around us,”the writer noted.

The 81-year-old writer continued to work even after she became ill. Like every author, Khmelevskaya left many manuscripts, and the assessment of these materials will take some time. Her latest detective "Crime as a result" was released in Poland on September 4, 2013, but, as noted by the representative of "Klin", did not interest Russian publishers.

“This is a wonderful piece. Khmelevskaya has agreements with Russian publishing houses, and I offered them to make a translation, but they did not show interest,”the Polish publisher complained.

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