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Brittany Murphy Didn't Do Drugs

Brittany Murphy Didn't Do Drugs
Brittany Murphy Didn't Do Drugs
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Immediately after death Brittany Murphy the press began to speculate that drugs could be the cause of the tragedy. The deceased's mother and her husband angrily denied these rumors, and they were right. The coroner in charge of the investigation finally published a toxicology report on the autopsy of the actress, and we see - no drugs. Here's what the report says:

“There are traces of various medications in the blood. The content of hydrocodone, acetaminophen and chlorpheniramine is especially high. Methamphetamine-L is also available."

Don't let the word "methamphetamine" worry you, because the rest of the report says this:

“It should be noted that these drugs are used for symptoms of a cold or other respiratory infection. Acetaminophen and hydrocodone are part of Vicodin. Chlorpheniramine is an active ingredient in some over-the-counter medicines. Methamphetamine-L is included in some inhalers."

The report goes on to say that high blood levels of all these medications at the same time could have extremely adverse effects on the body, especially the weakened one. And on this basis, the conclusion is drawn: "Accidental death."

I repeat once again: do not self-medicate, and if you have already undertaken, then carefully read the instructions, especially the part that talks about interaction with other medications.

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