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Eva Mendes Plays The Piano With Her Daughter During The Quarantine

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Eva Mendes Plays The Piano With Her Daughter During The Quarantine
Eva Mendes Plays The Piano With Her Daughter During The Quarantine
Video: Eva Mendes Plays The Piano With Her Daughter During The Quarantine
Video: Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling’s Daughter, 3, Plays Piano During Family Quarantine — Sweet Video 2023, February

In the video, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' youngest daughter spend time in quarantine, demonstrating their piano skills

“At home with my two young children,” Eva Mendes took an Instagram video of March 24th. 46-year-old Eva mentioned her daughters from Ryan Gosling, 39 years old: 3 years old Amadou Lee and 5 year old Esmereldo Amadou… During the video, none of Eva's family was visible, but they must have heard. While Eve is spinning Mongito 'S Lo Mejor De Mongito Vol. 1 on the turntable (“Nothing like old Cuban music that does its job”), the sound of piano keys is hitting in the background. “And yes, this is my three-year-old pianist. I think the music comes from the touch of her hands. And I'm not going to correct her."


This is probably for the best. There is no need to cause unnecessary stress during quarantine. As for why Eva shared a video about her turntable and not her three-year-old, she recently shared why Amada and Esmerelda aren't on all of her social media platforms. “Even a mere silhouette that flashed by for my children is an important issue for me in their perception of what they saw. I struggle with social media, but I love the constant connection with girls. I try to write responsibly and try not to portray myself in a way that makes other women feel bad. Thus, Instagram can be harmful!”Commented Eva. “As for Ryan, I will only publish memories of moments that are already 'there, somewhere in the recent or distant past' (for example, photographs from films that we made, or the like).”

“My man and children are private lives,” she added. “This is important to me, so thanks for understanding this strategy. Have a good day. I send you a lot of love!"

Although Eva refuses to showcase her kids, she shared a special moment during her beloved uncle's 84th birthday on March 21st. While the coronavirus outbreak has led to such safety measures that people need to keep their distance from the elderly (who are at high risk of infection), Eva's family made sure her uncle felt loved on his special day.

With the help of a pool skimmer and protective face masks, they were able to deliver the cake and he was able to make a wish.

Happy Birthday Tio! My wonderful uncle and beautiful sister Becky and nephews are celebrating a great day today, you are 84 years old! As many as 84!”- Eva captioned the video.

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⁣Happy Birthday Tio! ⠀ My amazing brother in law and beautiful sister Becky and nephews celebrating him turning 84 today! Besos! ❤

post shared by EvMendes (@evamendes) on Mar 21, 2020 at 6:46 pm PDT

Maybe when he turns 85, Amada will be able to play him a song on the piano?

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