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Charlie Sheen Dating Ex-wife's Best Friend

Charlie Sheen Dating Ex-wife's Best Friend
Charlie Sheen Dating Ex-wife's Best Friend
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The infamous Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen has found personal happiness again. The HIV-positive artist began dating the best friend of his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, Julia Stambler, and she doesn't give a damn about his incurable disease. This is reported by RadarOnline, citing insiders.


As it became known, the couple's relationship has been going on for four months, and Charlie's friends note that the new passion has a positive effect on the well-being and behavior of the celebrity. Shin stopped drinking alcohol, and this is not only the merit of Julia. The new experimental drug Pro 140 involves a complete elimination of alcohol. To get into the tested group, you still have to try. Studies have shown that at the moment it is one of the most effective medicines. But those taking Pro 140 must not break the rules: if, during a blood test, traces of alcohol are noticed in it, the patient will immediately drop out of the group.

Insiders report that Julia and Charlie's parents helped him overcome alcohol addiction, and now Sheen has a small chance to improve his life.

According to sources, Stambler was the first to take the initiative in the relationship.

“She contacted him. She considers him her soul mate and trusts him. They are now together, "- said the insider.

Charlie's new lover is 25 years younger than him. She knows she is at risk of contracting HIV, but she takes it easy. Julia went with Charlie to his doctor and asked how she could avoid illness. Having received a lot of competent information, she calmed down. Stembler is now taking preventive medications in order to have more guarantees of a long and happy life.

What about Brooke? The woman, who had a difficult relationship with Charlie and gave birth to two sons, is not at all opposed to the fact that her best friend is dating her ex-husband.

“Brooke is okay with the relationship between Charlie and Julia, and believes that it would be better with him a normal woman than a prostitute or a porn star,” said an insider.

Surrounded by Charlie, they are very happy about his relationship with Julia, and they believe that she can save him from the abyss into which he fell.

“Julia loves Charlie very much. They were friends for many years, long before they became a couple. Julia is a girl from a good family, very kind and sympathetic. She doesn't need Shin's money or his fame. They both agreed that they would not start a family and have children. They feel good the way they are, no matter how long their relationship lasts,”said the insider.

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