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Diana Gurtskaya Was Denied A Visa

Diana Gurtskaya Was Denied A Visa
Diana Gurtskaya Was Denied A Visa
Video: Diana Gurtskaya Was Denied A Visa
Video: Диана Гурцкая. Судьба человека с Борисом Корчевниковым. 2023, February

Russian popular singer Diana Gurtskaya will not be able to travel to the United States of America with his family. The artist planned to go there with her family to take part in one charity event, and, taking advantage of the moment, to show America to a grown-up child.


At the stage of obtaining a visa, all family plans for a vacation abroad collapsed, since Diana not given a visa. The American embassy motivated the refusal by the fact that in the photo Diana wearing dark glasses, and according to the rules for accepting documents and issuing visas, this is prohibited. There was no limit to the indignation of the singer herself and her family members.

Husband of a star Pyotr Kucherenko, immediately sent a letter to the American ambassador, but he was adamant: the rules are the same for everyone, and even despite physical disabilities Diana, he cannot issue a visa, so the singer must be photographed without glasses if she wants to go to America.

Frustrated by rejection Peter said that if the embassy did not meet them halfway and did not accept the documents unchanged, he and other family members would refuse the American visas already received.

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