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Lindsay Lohan Drinks Again

Lindsay Lohan Drinks Again
Lindsay Lohan Drinks Again
Video: Lindsay Lohan Drinks Again
Video: Lindsay Lohan asked about drinking again 2023, February

Someone - lock up urgently Lindsay Lohan in the clinic! The actress has just received a sentence for drunk driving, she was forbidden to approach the steering wheel and was prescribed a course of treatment in a closed rehabilitation clinic, and what is the girl doing? Goes to the club and drinks there with friends!

Sources said that literally hours after the trial, LiLo went to a hotel bar in Beverly Hills and demanded vodka and soda. They say that all the irony of the situation did not even touch her: she is quite seriously sure that she didn’t do anything like that. Moreover, the actress then went to San Diego, where she visited the FLUXX club with a friend and returned home after midnight. What she was counting on is unknown, because gossips tracked her down and reported that LiLo was drinking vodka again without stopping. no, the girl, of course, took security measures: she pulled the baseball cap over her eyes, and demanded to bring water in a decanter so that there were no bottles on the table - but who did she want to lead?

Sources also say that the girl is absolutely sure: she is all right, she is not an alcoholic, does not feel any dependence on anything at all, and she does not need professional help. This is what is scary - for it is impossible to help someone who does not want help.

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