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Singer Grimes Is About To Officially Sell A Piece Of Her Soul

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Singer Grimes Is About To Officially Sell A Piece Of Her Soul
Singer Grimes Is About To Officially Sell A Piece Of Her Soul
Video: Singer Grimes Is About To Officially Sell A Piece Of Her Soul

On May 4, singer Grimes and her beloved inventor Elon Musk became parents. The couple was able to distinguish themselves by giving their child one of the most unusual names. Today, the singer surprised no less


An unusual name for her son was chosen by Grimes herself, she generally loves everything non-standard. Her next act became no less interesting, she decided to take part in a new project: an exhibition that will be held from May 28 to June 4 in Los Angeles.

This exhibition features conceptual items to which the singer has been involved in the past 10 years. This means that for a certain amount it will be possible to buy paintings, photographs or drawings, in the creation of which a celebrity was involved.

“For a very long time I loved to draw. 10-12 years ago, at a time when I was not yet fond of musical instruments " - admits Grimes.

However, drawings are not the most interesting thing to buy at this exhibition. There will also be something tangible on sale that no one could ever acquire before. A piece of the soul is what the singer offers in exchange for money. This is a legal document that gives the right to purchase a small piece of the soul of the singer Grimes.

The singer herself told the details for this lot:

“Initially, I realized that I didn't want anyone to be able to buy this lot. Therefore, I decided that I would put a price of $ 10 million for it, then no one will buy it for sure, because it is expensive. But the more I ran these thoughts in my head, the more I liked this idea, there is something philosophical about it. Moreover, I have always had a dream to somehow combine my creativity and the work of my lawyer. Fantastic art that is sold as a legal document is very intriguing to me. Anyway, in today's time and situation, is there any point in selling something for $ 10 million?”

As a result, the singer decided not to set the price for this lot. She announced that she would choose the best offer. That is, whoever gives more money will take this document for their use, the public will independently determine the amount of such an unusual thing.

Let's hope that the public will appreciate this lot, because we have all read the works of the classics, which say that this deal did not end well. However, the singer did not sign the document with her own blood, so everything should be fine.

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