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Prince Of Persia: Weapons Of Heroes

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Prince Of Persia: Weapons Of Heroes
Prince Of Persia: Weapons Of Heroes
Video: Prince Of Persia: Weapons Of Heroes
Video: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - SECRET WEAPONS 2023, February

Yesterday you and I read an interview with the founder of parkour David Belle, who worked on the stunts in the film “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time ". However, jumping is not the most important thing in the picture: we remember that the notorious sands are hidden in special daggers, dagans, which fall into the hands Prince Dastan… Our British colleagues spoke with Richard Hooper, the fake gunsmith of the film, who talked about the creation of weapons for "Prince of Persia" and about where all these knives go after filming))

Richard, the chief gunsmith, oversaw weapons equipment issues in films such as "Casino Royale" from Daniel Craig, "Siriana" from George Clooney, "Alexander" and "The Mummy Returns".

Q: The main villains in "Prince of Persia" are the Assassins - the assassins of Nizam. What weapons do they use and what distinguishes each member of their gang?

Richard Hooper: Each of these people wields a special type of weapon, as you need to be easily identifiable on the screen. Their leader is Assassin # 1 - is armed with an object based on a martial arts pole (it is often used by police officers in many countries of the world). We fitted it with a curved blade. He can swing it or strike by rotating his weapon.

All of the Assassins' weapons are designed to look old and unkempt, with the exception of the blades, which they regularly clean and sharpen. Weapon Assassina No. 2 - fire, so we made little bombs with which it hangs. To ignite them, he uses the fuse on the strap of his bag. Assassin No. 3 Is the Whipman. He wears a whip with steel claws and a spike at the end. This spike will be animated by the special effects team. This weapon allows him to cut and stab. On the other whip there is a skeleton claw that grabs the enemy or any object to swing it. He also carries a short sword. Number 4 we jokingly called "The Man with a Knife and Fork"because that is what his weapon looks like. This idea came up after reading his description in the script. BUT number 5 uses steel darts. Larger clusters hang on his body, and he throws small ones with his hands. His weapon is also covered in thorns. He is a killing machine and, among other things, uses a jagged sword.

Producer Mike Newell wanted all of the Assassins' weapons to make it clear that they were just simple assassins. Any item in their arsenal looks unkempt, except for the edge of the blades, which shows that the weapon was often used.


Q: Are there any fundamental differences in the weapons of the heroes of the picture who belong to different camps?

Richard Hooper: There are three different styles in the film. Assassins are very dark and we have used many shades of black and brown. They are unkempt, travel a lot, and generally have little respect for themselves. They're just hired killers. As for the Persians, everything looks brighter there, it is clear that things are being watched, everything is lavishly decorated with gold and silver. True, their arrows are simpler, while the Alamut arrow is lighter in tone and decorated with ornaments in the Chinese and Japanese styles. The main difference between the weapons of the Persians and the inhabitants of Alamut is that the former is based on Arabic and the latter is based on Indian forms. We did our best to show the differences between the groups, so when watching the movie, you can easily determine who is who.

Q: What weapons does Prince Dastan have and is there a resemblance to weapons from the Prince of Persia video games?

Richard Hooper: Dastan wields several weapons, including a dagger and a sword, which are borrowed from the first game. He also carries two throwing knives and one knife hidden behind the boot shaft, so the prince is well armed. He also wears a large shield on his back, which was copied from a 13th century Arab shield.When we designed Dastan's swords, we tried to create them in accordance with the weapons from the games. The gizmos themselves have similarities with prototypes only in general terms - we did not strive for exact copying.

Q: How many weapons did you make and how difficult was the process, especially considering that the bulk was made in Morocco?

Richard Hooper: About 5,000 were made in total, including arrows, swords, daggers, shields, bows and spears. For example, it took about four to five hours to make a shield, and we made 150 of them. Everything was brand new. We did not borrow weapons used in other films, and we made several versions of each weapon from different materials - for example, aluminum, stainless steel, and rubber for battle scenes. We only used the aluminum versions for special scenes like chopping a piece of wood. For those occasions when you need to roll on the ground or ride horses, there are more flexible versions. We made about 100 swords for Dastan to last until the end of the film, because he has to participate in so many dynamic scenes.

Q: What weapons do the other main characters have and have you listened to the actors' opinions regarding his appearance and comfort in his hand?

Richard Hooper: Garsiv and Tus are armed with traditional curved Turkish scimitars with a cutout in the back. Due to this feature, they are lighter to wear and heavier when hitting. The King and Tus do not take significant part in the battle scenes. Therefore, the actors were more concerned with how the weapons would fit into their costumes and movements. Garsiv, Dastan and Nizam are actively fighting, so they expressed their opinion about the length of the sword, its balance, the size of the handle, and so on. We involve them in the process of creating weapons as early as possible, as it should be convenient for them. Tamina herself wields only an Indian dagger, although she picks up and uses two swords for self-defense during the course of the action.

Q: What was the most difficult part of creating the weapons for this movie?

Richard Hooper: We needed to make a scimitar that was 30 percent larger so we could mount a camera on the tip. Also, the hardest part was making the Assassins' weapons. You can't give actors and stuntmen something that they can't normally use on the screen, so you have to rehearse a lot to work out the movements and actions of each character. But the most difficult task at all times is to be on time. Morocco has just wonderful craftsmen. We worked in a place the size of Pinewood. This is the most primitive place you can imagine, but as soon as they show a pattern on a real piece, or even a photo, they will attract their whole family and by tomorrow they will make 35 copies of some blade.

Q: What happens to the weapon when the shooting comes to an end?

Richard Hooper: All material is packaged and sent back home. We make lists of everything - what it is, where it is and what box it is in. Therefore, if they decide to make a sequel, they will know what we have and what can be used.

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