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Jared Leto And Matthew McConaughey At The Dallas Buyers Club Premiere In London

Jared Leto And Matthew McConaughey At The Dallas Buyers Club Premiere In London
Jared Leto And Matthew McConaughey At The Dallas Buyers Club Premiere In London
Video: Jared Leto And Matthew McConaughey At The Dallas Buyers Club Premiere In London
Video: Dallas Buyers Club premiere: Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto on weight loss and waxing 2023, February

The premiere of the film took place in London on January 29 Dallas Buyers Club… They flew to represent the picture in the foggy capital Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey with spouse Camila Alves… All three looked chic, but Jared Leto's looks are especially worth noting. Frontman of the group "30 seconds to Mars" always famous for his special taste and never paid attention to other people's opinions. This time everything looked more or less decent, but there was one thing that could not be overlooked - the singer's shoes. Leto revived the red carpet with striped shoes and bright purple socks.


Recall Dallas Buyers Club - this is a dramatic picture of the director Jean-Marc Valleebased on a true story that tells us the story of a Texas cowboy Ron Woodroof… After an accident, he is admitted to the hospital, where it is discovered that he is ill. AIDSohm. The film takes place in the mid-80s, when doctors did not yet know how to deal with such a disease. But Ron does not give up and does not accept the doctors' statement as a death sentence. Woodroof begins to look for a way out of this situation and finds it.

For the role of a sick, but not desperate man, McConaughey has already received several awards, including "Golden Globe" per «best male role " and the award Screen Actors Guild… Also, Matthew is nominated for "Oscar" in category Best Actor.


No less outstanding are the achievements of McConaughey's co-star in the film. Jared Leto… In the picture he plays a transsexual Rayonwho also suffers from this ailment. He shares an incredible zest for life. Woodroof and becomes his ally in the organization of the so-called "Buyers' club"in which its members, HIV-infected patients, will be able to pay a monthly contribution of $ 400 and use drugs prohibited in the United States in order to prolong their lives at least for a short time.

Leto's participation in the Dallas Buyers Club was a real breakthrough after a 6-year hiatus. For the role, Jared lost weight by 13 kilograms and underwent a full body depilation procedure 3 times, including eyebrows. For such feats and complete reincarnation, Summer was awarded more than 30 awards: “After 20 years in the film industry, I am especially pleased and honored to receive some of the awards. Many people have been very kind to me and happy to be back from Meryl Streep to Bruce Dern. And the other day Oprah (this queen of Hollywood) came up to me and said that I was not so bad as Rayon”(smiles).


At the premiere, journalists were interested in how Jared managed to spend many hours a day in heels, to which the actor said that nothing bothered him or hurt him: “I was completely immersed in the image and I just didn’t pay attention to such trifles as shoes. … Although, sometimes I had to put on two pairs of tights at once, due to the fact that my tattoos on my legs showed through. There was no time to paint over them with something, so I endured it."

Let us remind you that the Dallas Buyers Club will appear on the big screens of Russia on February 27th.

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