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Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Alcohol Problems

Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Alcohol Problems
Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Alcohol Problems
Video: Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Alcohol Problems
Video: Daniel Radcliffe's Struggle with Alcohol Due to the Fame of Harry Potter 2023, February

Daniel Radcliffe admitted that he started having alcohol problems while filming the sixth Harry Potter movie. At that time, it was very difficult for a teenage boy to cope with the sudden popularity and big money.


“I went to the institution and could not help thinking that I was being watched. In my case, a quick way to forget about it was to get drunk. But when I got drunk, I realized that people look at me even more, because I am very drunk. And I drank even more to ignore that already,”Dan said recently in an interview with Sam Jones. Plus, as the actor admitted, he felt guilty for not being happy 24 hours 7 days a week. “You have a great job, you are rich, you have no right not to be delighted with it all the time. This is also pressure. And I suddenly started thinking, “If I am experiencing simple human emotions like sadness, is that wrong? Am I not good enough to be famous?"

But Daniel is feeling much better now. In 2010, the actor completely got rid of the bad habit. Friends helped him in this. “I was very lucky to have the people around me. They just gave me great advice and really looked after me. But in the end, it was my decision. I woke up one morning and thought, "This is probably not good."

And recently, the actor talked about how he met his beloved! Daniel revealed this on People TV’s Couch Surfing. There were even rumors on the Internet that the "Harry Potter" star made his beloved Erin Dark an offer.

In 2013, the film "Kill Your Loved Ones" was released with Daniel Radcliffe and Dane Dehaan, in which the actor met his beloved. Since that moment, the stars have not parted. It turns out that the couple met during an intimate scene in the library. “It will be quite difficult to tell this story to our future children,” he shared.

Western tabloids for some time promoted the news that the "Potter" star had already acquired an engagement ring for his beloved and proposed to her.

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