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Dawn Stars Are Growing Appetites

Dawn Stars Are Growing Appetites
Dawn Stars Are Growing Appetites
Video: Dawn Stars Are Growing Appetites
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Shooting the final part Of the twilight saga are overgrown with new rumors. For a long time they have been talking about how "Dawn" will be divided into two parts - and now the Western press writes that such a decision depends, in particular, on what fees the stars and the studio will agree on.

Firstly, all the actors have a contract for only four films - and with the division of "Breaking Dawn" into two parts, there will be five films, and here it is necessary to decide how to pay for the work of people. And, as it turned out, not the main stars of the picture, but the secondary ones. According to press reports, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner just ready for the proposed conditions and are about to sign a contract, but Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz suddenly began to argue.

The couple asked for $ 4 million in nose fees. According to EW, initially all "brothers and sisters" Edward Cullen decided to raise their salaries, but, it seems, Nicky Reed came to her senses and agreed to a smaller amount. Her fee will amount to 750 thousand - 1 million dollars. Summit is offering exactly the same amount of money to all the other supporting actors - but Ashley and Kellan think they deserve more.

The couple's logic is simple: the secondary actors are used by the studio for PR and public appearances more often than the main ones, plus they hang out on the set for more time. so, please, pay for the work.

Now the press, with bated breath, is waiting for what will happen. We remember the story of Rachelle Lefebvre, who was thrown out of the project, as soon as the studio did not like something about her behavior. Considering that Kellan's character, Emmett, does not appear very often in the film, and Alice is practically absent in Breaking Dawn, no one will be surprised if the obstinate actors are replaced with more compliant ones …

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