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Eclipse: First Reviews

Eclipse: First Reviews
Eclipse: First Reviews
Video: Eclipse: First Reviews
Video: Eclipse Review - with Tom Vasel 2023, February

This week, some lucky people were able to watch “Eclipsee "(" raw "version) almost two months before the world premiere at Private screening with Oprah Winfrey… All of them, of course, were strictly forbidden to spoil, that is to say, go into details, describing what they saw, so as not to spoil the impression for those who were not so lucky. A very correct PR move, because if you do not go into details, then what remains? Well, of course, not stoic silence (those who took the "subscription", I suppose, did not count on it), but - right! - ahs and sighs that only fuel our interest in the film!

So, what did people scribble in Twitter?

The girl under the nickname Nicolediscogrll:

“Best movie I've ever seen! Fight scenes, love scenes - oh my God! Oh, if I could write about a film, but I can't. But you will definitely not be disappointed! The love scenes are so hot!"


“GREAT movie! All I can say … I really liked it. And two months before the premiere - even cooler! I'll go watch again on June 30th."


"Eclipse" … I have no words! I can hardly restrain myself. The film is AMAZING, everyone should be happy about it."


Eclipse is an amazing movie! I can't wait to see the final version!"

In general, you know, you have to go to the cinemas! Returning all the same to our reviewers: they, to the heap, were also lucky to attend the filming The Oprah Winfrey Show from Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning… The premiere of the program will take place on May 13 - well, you know how great this day is:))

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