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Maria Berseneva Undressed For Maxim

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Maria Berseneva Undressed For Maxim
Maria Berseneva Undressed For Maxim
Video: Maria Berseneva Undressed For Maxim
Video: Мария Берсенева в фотосессии для журнала Maxim 2023, February

Series star "Margosha" Maria Berseneva graced the January cover of Maxim magazine. The actress undressed and took part in an erotic photo shoot - which, frankly, is not so-so. Whoever saw Masha in the series knows that she is a beauty. Here, the stylists went too far with makeup, gold and idiotic poses. Some kind of crisis of taste and imagination - so disfigure a woman.

As for the interview with the magazine, here are some excerpts.

Is the theme of punishing a womanizer by turning him into a woman close to you? Can a man receive his sight and repent in this way?

Not close, absolutely. I'm not that angry with anyone. But, you know, if this were possible, then every second woman would roll up her man in a woman's shell and keep him there until something reaches him. (Laughs.)

We need to concoct a new bill on compulsory service - the term of serving in a woman's shell. From 30 to 31 years old. Army type

Turning a man into a woman is very cruel. The heroine of our series, Karina, resorts to the help of a witch and turns Gosha into Margot because Karina herself was greatly offended, abandoned. She is hurt and she takes revenge. And the men did not leave me themselves. All partings in my life happened on my initiative. It just so happened …

Sensational statement! Millions of women, even in their wildest dreams, cannot say this

And you can still argue, plus or minus. So I have never been alone and, perhaps, I have never felt completely free. I've always had a commitment to someone. Allowing yourself to forget, succumb to an impulse and suddenly roll off somewhere with a stranger whom you will never see again in three days - the story is not about me.

Could you?

When I was eighteen years old, perhaps I would have done so. Why not? But recklessness is the privilege of youth. And at twenty-eight, all things considered, you already hear the voice of reason. Although I am now much more sensitive and receptive. And all the same, I throw myself headlong into love! (Laughs.)

One friend recently told me that she and her friends gave each other their word not to enter into an intimate relationship before the third date. The action is as follows. Perhaps it will develop into a flash mob. Fashion for sex after the third date will overwhelm Moscow

Your girlfriends think correctly if they are aimed at a serious long-term relationship …

Oh, they are aimed

You see now. Although here again from which side to look … Having sex on the first date means showing a man that you do not care what he thinks of you. But … you know, sometimes there is a click between people! Spark! Flash! The passion is so crazy!

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