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New Moon: Filming Process

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New Moon: Filming Process
New Moon: Filming Process
Video: New Moon: Filming Process
Video: What Twilight Looks Like Without CGI 2023, February

I honestly warned everyone: the team "New Moon" started distributing interviews before the premiere, and journalists rushed to upload their interviews and materials that the studio gave them to the network)) There is a passing slag like interviews of the main characters from the site - the poor things say out loud who they are playing, what they think about their character and other platitudes, which are necessary for TV people for the picture. Of these videos, I personally liked the most. Kristen Stewart: While everyone else was babbling into the shot, Kristen was pretty honest about her work. So we'll see this video))

We also posted 9 minutes of the filming process on the network - which for me personally is always interesting to watch. There is a fight scene in the video Bella and the wolf team, the way the rabies was filmed Jasper at the sight of Bella's bloody finger and a fight Volturi… We have already seen the latter - but in this video there are a couple of new interesting episodes)))

Kristen on her role

Footage from filming

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