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Queen Elizabeth's 10th Great-grandson Was Born In The Bathroom

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Queen Elizabeth's 10th Great-grandson Was Born In The Bathroom
Queen Elizabeth's 10th Great-grandson Was Born In The Bathroom
Video: Queen Elizabeth's 10th Great-grandson Was Born In The Bathroom
Video: Queen Elizabeth’s New Great-Grandson Born on a Bathroom Floor 2023, February

After the recent birth of their first child to Princess Eugenie and daughter to Pippa Middleton, Queen Elizabeth's 39-year-old granddaughter, Zara Tyndall, gave birth to her third child with husband Mike Tyndall. The boy joins the couple's two daughters, 7-year-old Mia and 2-year-old Lina.

Lucas Philip Tyndall, the Queen's 10th great-grandson, was born on Sunday and weighed 3 kilograms 740 grams, according to a spokesman for the couple.

As for the news from the palace, it says: "The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are delighted with this news and look forward to meeting their 10th great-grandson when circumstances permit."

Zara's cousin Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also congratulated the couple on their happy news.


The boy, who is the fifth grandson of Princess Anne, was born in a rather unusual way. Proud dad Mike revealed in his podcast that his son was born at home - in the bathroom.

"A little boy has arrived at my house!" he said on his podcast on Wednesday

Talking about his wife's birth in this episode, Mike explained that "luckily" Zara's friend, Dolly Maud, was with them "and admitted that we would not have made it to the hospital in time."

“So we ran into the gym, grabbed a rug, climbed into the bathroom, put the rug on the floor, lowered the towels, and then only the ellipsis,” said 42-year-old Mike.

Laughing, continuing to recall the dramatic experience, Mike added, “Fortunately, the midwife who was going to meet us at the hospital was not that far away, so she drove up to us. And then the second midwife arrived just after the head had already been born."

Continuing to talk about how his wife felt after childbirth, Mike explained that she was “as always a warrior. We went for a walk with him on Monday morning. All right".

Lucas' middle name Philip is considered a joint tribute to Zara's grandfather, Prince Philip (who turns 100 in June), and Mike's father.

Mike later told his co-hosts that he had already introduced his son to sports.

Crazy 6 nations weekend but the tournament lives for another week. It was also followed by super Sunday! #goodtimeshttps://t.co/HYuu65RXM1https://t.co/9k0stAM7DF pic.twitter.com/3onbzFbJqn

- mike tindall (@ miketindall13) March 24, 2021

Mike first announced the imminent appearance of the Third Tyndall during the December edition of the Good, Bad and Rugby podcast.

Before Linu was born, 39-year-old Zara had two miscarriages - and spoke openly about the terrible experience she had with Mike.

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