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Liam Hemsworth Got Into A Fight

Liam Hemsworth Got Into A Fight
Liam Hemsworth Got Into A Fight

Video: Liam Hemsworth Got Into A Fight

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Video: Liam Hemsworth Fight Video! 2023, February

Brothers Hemsworth temperament, we remember that still. A couple of years ago we wrote how Chris and Liam Together they pounced on some peasant and slapped him on the snout. The elder has since settled down, gave birth to a daughter, and does not appear in such stories anymore, but the younger again "distinguished himself" the other day.

It was about Philadelphia… As reported TMZLiam walked out of the bar with a friend and suddenly it seemed to him that a guy had thrown a stone at them. Liam immediately dealt with the alleged abuser: he knocked him to the ground and punched him in the face. A friend helped to keep the punished.

The cops went to the scene, but no one was arrested, so everyone - both the participants in the fight and its spectators - just went in different directions. All this happened early on Sunday morning, but so far no one has filed a lawsuit against Liam.

If anyone is curious, the video of the mess can be viewed by clicking on the link in the sources, but, frankly, there is not much to watch there.

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