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Vanessa Paradis First Married

Vanessa Paradis First Married
Vanessa Paradis First Married
Video: Vanessa Paradis First Married
Video: Vanessa paradis, The day Johnny depp's ex tied the knot with hot director boyfriend 2023, February

The breakup with Johnny Depp with actress Vanessa Paradis was not easy. For a long time she did not find a new relationship, and only six years later did she find the one whom she trusted again. This weekend Vanessa got married to 45-year-old director Samuel Benshetri.


The wedding took place in the town of Saint-Simon, which is an hour's drive from Paris. The stars did not invite many guests. As one of the publications counted, only 20 people attended the event in the church, and then at a private dinner in a restaurant.

Recall that last year, Johnny Depp's fans were happy that he moved to the Paradis apartments and could try to improve relations with her and revive the family that they had before Amber Heard appeared in their lives. Vanessa made it clear that she was not interested in having her honor and dignity trampled underfoot.

According to the informants close to the actress, she did not want to renew the relationship with Johnny, but allowed him to move into her house with one single purpose - so that he could more often see the children who love him so much.

Paradis confirmed the seriousness of her intentions not to start a new romance with Depp by the fact that she was in the arms of the director. As is often the case, the couple's romance began on the set of the movie "Dog", where Vanessa played the main role, and Samuel was the director.

But then even Depp's family urged him to return his former lover. “Vanessa helped Johnny get through all this madness with Amber Heard, she supported him through his most difficult times.

And this after he left her for a young actress! We all beg him to return to Vanessa "- said a friend of the famous family Heather Russell, she is the ex-wife of Johnny's nephew.

Lily-Rose, Johnny and Vanessa's seventeen-year-old daughter, blames Amber for their family's breakup. Despite the information that once appeared in the media that the girl had made friends with her stepmother, this turned out to be untrue. And the truth surfaced after Hurd filed for divorce from her husband, accused him of domestic violence and wanted part of his fortune.

“We always suspected that Amber didn't like Johnny, she just wanted to use him. We really hope that now everything will fall into place,”said Heather.

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