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The Beckham Family Sells Their French "haunted House"

The Beckham Family Sells Their French "haunted House"
The Beckham Family Sells Their French "haunted House"
Video: The Beckham Family Sells Their French "haunted House"

As incredible as it sounds, Victoria and David Beckham believe in ghosts.

The reason for such conclusions was the messages that have arrived today from foreign tabloids.

The famous couple decided to sell their luxurious mansion in the south of France, which was built in the 19th century.


In 2003, the Beckhams purchased the estate for £ 1.5 million. Since then, David and Vicky have been restoring the estate. In total, about 5 million pounds were invested in the construction. Today, the couple put up their properties for sale, but asked for only 2.4 million pounds for the house.

While fans are wondering why the stars decided to sell the house at such a low price (they will lose more than four million in this case), local residents tell legends about the former owner of the house. According to rumors, the scientist, who used to live in the old mansion, is still harassing the residents.

How true this is is difficult to say. But the suspiciously low property price suggests that the house is not so clean.

By the way, we note that judging by the photographs in the advertising brochure, the house was restored according to the latest design and style laws.

In total, the house has six bedrooms, three living rooms, four bathrooms, staff rooms and a pool overlooking the forests and meadows. Also on the territory there is a chapel and various outbuildings.

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