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Cameron Diaz: Motherhood Is The Best Part Of My Life

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Cameron Diaz: Motherhood Is The Best Part Of My Life
Cameron Diaz: Motherhood Is The Best Part Of My Life
Video: Cameron Diaz: Motherhood Is The Best Part Of My Life
Video: Cameron Diaz Describes Motherhood as the 'Best Part' of Her Life 2023, February

For the first time since she became a mother, Cameron Diaz talked about how much she loves and cherishes a new stage in her life - motherhood, the child's father is 41-year-old Benji Madden, the actress's husband since 2015

Cameron Diaz, 47, and Benji Madden, 41 years old, as everyone knows happily plunged into a new role of parenting with my daughter Raddix Madden. In fact, since they announced their great news in early 2020 - the upcoming birth of their child - the couple has been silent about parenting. However, Cameron finally broke her silence when she appeared on Instagram Live alongside Catherine Powers 14th of April. The actress explained that the birth of a child prepared her for a quarantine lifestyle, because, as she explained, "I kind of lived a quarantine life up to this point, anyway, because we are already three and a half months old!"

Nevertheless, she admitted that she loved to be at home all the time with her husband and little girl.

“It's good and I love the baby and being at home with my husband and cooking!” She explained. She also added, “I love being a mother. This is my best role ever! This is the best, best, best part of my life. I am so grateful and so happy, this is the best thing I have ever experienced, and I am so lucky to experience the delights of those moments with Benji and we are having a great time. I am delighted. I can not believe this!".

Cameron said that being the mother of a newborn baby Raddix, of course, keeps her busy, but she really likes that Benji always comes to the rescue. “Benji puts her to bed, he is such a good father!” - she praised her husband touchingly. “He is such an amazing father. I am so lucky that he is the father of my child. He's incredible. He calms her down, and I go to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of red wine!


In a 2014 interview, Cameron admitted that she was "not drawn to becoming a mother." However, the next year she married Benji and everything has changed since then! She is now a proud mom and seems to have adapted perfectly to the role.

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