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Netizens Spoke Out Against Ouspenskaya After Her "Secret To A Million"

Netizens Spoke Out Against Ouspenskaya After Her "Secret To A Million"
Netizens Spoke Out Against Ouspenskaya After Her "Secret To A Million"

Video: Netizens Spoke Out Against Ouspenskaya After Her "Secret To A Million"

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Lyubov Uspenskaya became the first participant in the history of the Secret for a Million program who told the whole truth about herself. The queen of domestic chanson has revealed all her secrets, including answering the final question, which was previously avoided by all the heroes of previous broadcasts.

So, Lyubov admitted that at the age of 15 she was forced to go for an illegal criminal abortion, because she became pregnant from a man who was much older than her. In addition, no one knew about their relationship. Ouspenskaya had a chance to experience real torment, because the operation was performed without anesthesia at the midwife's home.

Despite such a difficult recognition, not all viewers perceived it positively.

After the program aired, many netizens began to criticize the singer, noting that she herself was to blame for her troubles and now simply has no right to complain.


Some wrote that such revelations are not worth a million, which Love received for them: “She told a banal story with grimaces, and even got a million for a chicken from Paris for her beloved dog,” “I watched today, one and a half lemma for fucking … we collect operations on a penny. The world has turned upside down!”,“In order not to throw stones, one should not notify the whole world about such details of his personal life. And to present yourself as a heroine, as if God cares a lot about her”,“Why should we know that. This should be hidden from people, and not told to the whole world. I found a story to tell”,“Well, why should we know about the criminal abortions of this zvezdulence? For thirty years she hid her shame from her fourth husband, but as soon as a free million loomed on the horizon in her seventh decade, she went shaking her dirty laundry in public without a twinge of conscience,”the viewers said.

By the way, there were also those who did not like the demonstration of the luxurious life of Ouspenskaya: “She showed when her house - she lives obscenely richly, only because of her beloved dog she changed her gorgeous huge bed twice … Why not transfer this money to any sick Russian child ? ".

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