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Will Paris Hilton Take Her Lover's Surname After The Wedding?

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Will Paris Hilton Take Her Lover's Surname After The Wedding?
Will Paris Hilton Take Her Lover's Surname After The Wedding?

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Socialite Paris Hilton recently received a marriage proposal from her beloved Carter Reum. Will the star change his last name after the wedding?


Paris Hilton is a model, actress and businesswoman, besides that, she actively maintains her blog on the social network Instagram, where she is currently talking about the details of her future wedding. Young people are actively preparing for the celebration, which should take place in the near future.

What was the marriage proposal for Paris?

The writer and businessman decided to propose to his beloved on her birthday. On February 17, 2021, Paris Hilton turned 40, and it was on this day that Carter uttered the long-awaited words for the actress. The celebrity admits that she has been waiting for this moment for a long time, but she did not expect it to happen on her birthday. Paris says she was shocked and shocked when it happened.

Carter originally planned everything. It was he who took Paris from the bustling city to a real paradise on Earth, away from family and friends. The man invited his beloved for a romantic walk, they walked along a deserted beach towards a small house decorated with flowers. At the right moment, Carter dropped to one knee and handed the ring to Hilton. Of course, the woman reciprocated.

“I just started shivering and crying right away, because I was very excited, but infinitely happy.” - writes Paris.


Will Paris change her last name after the wedding?

The famous surname Paris Hilton is already an integral part of it, and one might say, a visiting card. However, the celebrity admits that he does not want to offend his spouse, so the surname after the wedding ceremony will be changed to a double one - Hilton-Reum. As for their joint children, they will be named Carter. By the way, the couple have been planning the appearance of babies for a long time, and they should be born this year. Since Paris cannot get pregnant in the traditional way, she decided to resort to IVF. Preparations for fertilization have already begun, which means that Paris and Carter will soon become parents.

How did the relationship of the star couple develop?

The businessman and socialite have known each other for over 15 years. However, during all this time, their relationship as a real couple was not considered at all. Young people began to meet only a year ago, at the beginning of 2020 they officially announced their romance. It is worth noting that in 2018 Paris was in a serious relationship with Chris Zilka, their breakup was a big blow for the celebrity.

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