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Best Female Artist Of 2021: Grammy-winning Megan Thee Stallion

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Best Female Artist Of 2021: Grammy-winning Megan Thee Stallion
Best Female Artist Of 2021: Grammy-winning Megan Thee Stallion
Video: Best Female Artist Of 2021: Grammy-winning Megan Thee Stallion
Video: Megan Thee Stallion Wins Best New Artist | 2021 GRAMMY Awards Show Acceptance Speech 2023, February

American rap artist Megan Jowon Ruth Peet won the Grammy Award for Best Female Artist of 2021


The 93rd Annual Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles last night. An event where judges choose the best music performers of the year. Of course, by tradition, the first lines of the nominees were taken: Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. However, all viewers were interested in another person who first appeared at the Grammy just two years ago. Her stage name is Megan Thee Stallion, and it was she who received the title of the best artist of the year!

Who is Megan Thee Stallion

A few years ago, Megan was known as a wonderful dancer with appetizing forms at the local strepto club. She always appeared at the workplace in her unusual image: multi-colored strands on her head and unnaturally long nails. Megan is characterized by the curvaceous forms characteristic of the girls of her roots. This is exactly what the visitors of the strip-bar remembered her. And already in 2016 the whole world started talking about her, because she appeared out of nowhere and sharply took first positions in all the charts of the country.

Insiders say that Megan is well acquainted with Cardi B, because the girls once danced in the same nightclub for a long time. They communicated well in the dressing room before going on stage. It was this acquaintance that led to the fact that Megan and Cardi released an incredibly successful joint video for the song WAP. Thanks to this track, the girls entered the top 100 of America for the first time in history, as a duet of two rap singers.

It is worth noting that Megan Thee Stallion listened to rap from the very cradle, and this is not just words. The fact is that the mother of actress Holly Thomas was also a successful singer. She decided not to send Megan to kindergarten, so she took her on all her tours and at the recording studio. Therefore, the girl listened to rap almost daily. Naturally, when Megan grew up a little, she announced that she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps. Holly did not dissuade her daughter, but advised her to wait until the age of majority so that her work could have a full-fledged career, without unnecessary age-related problems. Actually, the girl did just that.


It's worth noting that Meghan was born in the era of social media. Therefore, her career, like many current stars, she began with Instagram. The celebrity published her first video already in 2013, then her video went viral and blew up the network. Haters always wrote to Megan that she was “a pitiful likeness of Nicki Minaj,” but there were many more fans who appreciated Megan's work. The girl never listened to anyone and continued to confidently go to her fame. Three years later, she already recorded her first real album, and at that moment she already had a personal producer.

The 27-year-old artist talks about her personal life very carefully. Although, it is difficult to hide something when your name appears quite often in scandalous headlines. Basically, the girl's guys are also rap singers. For example, three years ago she had a serious relationship with artist Moneybagg Yo.

And last summer, Meghan got into a high-profile situation again. She was shot several times from a weapon, as a result of which she injured her leg. Initially, the star said she stepped on broken glass, but soon the truth surfaced. It turns out that the girl was actually shot by her colleague Daystar Peterson. Then the man was arrested for possession of weapons in a private car, and Megan admitted that she told a lie, because she was afraid of Daystar, who promised to kill her for the truth.

At the moment, the celebrity is in a relationship with Jordan Thorpe, the couple does not hide their romance. What's more, they announced last month that they are serious and might be getting engaged soon.

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