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Priyanka Chopra's Secret To A Happy Marriage

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Priyanka Chopra's Secret To A Happy Marriage
Priyanka Chopra's Secret To A Happy Marriage
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Indian actress Priyanka Chopra gave an interview in which she shared the details of a happy marriage. The girl also told how her husband proposed to her


Priyanka Chopra became the face of the British magazine Elle and, of course, talked to reporters. She is always happy to share the stories of her personal life, and this time was no exception. The girl talked about how she lives in marriage with American musician Nick Jonas.

The actress admitted that the marriage proposal from her lover was a big shock. Indeed, at that time, celebrities knew each other for only two months.

“I couldn't expect this at all … After all, only two months have passed! Of course, I assumed that this would happen one day, but it was still a big shock for me. " - Priyanka admits.

Chopra says that initially she thought about the correctness of their marriage, but then decided to just let go of the situation and agree. She did it for a reason, but because somewhere in the depths of her soul she had long wanted a real serious relationship. Nick Jonas, according to Priyanka, is ideal for the role of a serious spouse and partner for life. In addition, the actress is always admired by the perseverance and confidence in herself and her abilities as a musician.

“About my husband, you should know only one thing: if he made a decision, he will achieve it, no matter what! I feel such confidence in him because of this, so at that moment it was impossible for him not to say: "Yes, I agree." - recalls Priyanka.


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got engaged in the middle of summer 2018 and after five months they organized a magnificent celebration dedicated to their official marriage. By the way, their union took place in accordance with all the traditions of India.

Priyanka also admitted in an interview that she and her husband have a small tradition - they try to spend time alone with each other for two days every three weeks. The actress believes that this is really very important, because each of them devotes a lot of time to their work. However, both of them are interested in spending time alone, so they try to take time off at the right time, draw up a work schedule in advance so that their weekend coincides as much as possible.

“We see each other every three weeks. No matter what part of the world we are in, we must fly to each other to be alone for a few days. This happens at least once a month. We agreed on this even before we got married. In any other case, we may simply never meet with our families - we have very busy work schedules. So our teams and families also had to get married because of us. " - Priyanka says with a smile.

At the end of last year, the star spouses celebrated the second anniversary of their marriage. Happy young people exchanged posts on the Instagram social network, where they described their feelings and emotions.

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