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Catherine Zeta Jones: On The Secrets Of Marriage, Family Illnesses And Parenting

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Catherine Zeta Jones: On The Secrets Of Marriage, Family Illnesses And Parenting
Catherine Zeta Jones: On The Secrets Of Marriage, Family Illnesses And Parenting
Video: Catherine Zeta Jones: On The Secrets Of Marriage, Family Illnesses And Parenting
Video: How Catherine Zeta-Jones Stays Close to Her Son Now That He's Away in College 2023, February

This interview was recorded six months ago, but the life story of the actress has not changed since then. Yes, they managed to break up with Michael Douglas, get back together, again talk about divorce and once again declare the renewal of their wedding vows.

In this interview Catherine Zeta-Jones She talked about her life, how she fought with her husband's cancer and her mental disorder, about raising children, how she maintains her beauty, and about ambitious plans for the future.

Here she is - great Catherine Zeta-Jones - on the couch in the purple-walled library at her home in New York. She looks out the window at her garden, where bright yellow daffodils are blooming. Untouched pairs of Lobuten shoes are on the shelves among the books. “Sometimes I buy shoes and use them as book holders. They are simply too beautiful to be worn,”explains the actress.

In such an environment, anyone would dream of meeting Catherine Zeta-Jones… From Lovely May Buds in 1991 to an Academy Award for the musical Chicago in 2003 and Tony for another musical in 2009, she has become a Hollywood star in the most classic sense. She has no Twitter account, no selfie-style photos online, and does not appear on reality television shows.

Zeta Jones she doesn't dress too much when she's not at work, when she takes the kids to school. “It's funny to have all these lovely shoes if I spend most of the day in flip flops,” says Katherine. But at social events, the 44-year-old actress is a glamorous superstar.

Catherine Zeta-Jones seen leaving her apartment in NYC

But a few years ago, in 2010, when then her 65-year-old husband Michael Douglas diagnosed with throat cancer, she completely stopped appearing in public. He recovered completely in January 2011, and since then she has appeared in films such as Rock For Ages and Side Effect.

I kissed Pitt, Clooney, Banderas, and my husband Matt Damon

Last year at the Oscar ceremony Catherine performed in front of an audience of 40 million with a song from the musical "Chicago", for which she once received her statuette.

“I was scared. I’m scared when I’m the first day on set, when I step on the red carpet. And giving speeches is the worst thing. " To deal with anxiety and fear, the actress has her own system. “I bring my husband and everyone around me with my nerves and anxiety. Then, when I go up on stage, the fear is already passing, I spend all my nerves before that on others."

Zeta Jones selective in roles. “My daughter Karis is 10, my son Dylan is 12, and these are precious years for me. You can never get them back. Therefore, I will agree to leave my family for a long time only for the sake of a role that I have never played before, with great people. It should be interesting and fun, otherwise I’d better stay at home.”

Her last film, RED 2, belongs to the category of “fun”. This is a story about retired spies - the sequel to the 2010 film RED with Bruce Willis starring. “I liked the concept,” admits Catherine… - Action, humor, irony. " In addition, an old friend of hers starred in the film. Anthony Hopkins. “I've known Tony since childhood, so it was another plus. And I know Bruce, I love comedy."

In this picture Zeta Jones played the sexy Russian double agent Katya - the old love of Bruce Willis' hero - Frank. "She's one problem, it was a lot of fun to play her." In one of the scenes, Katya passionately kisses Frank, who is shocked by this. “I kissed Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Antonio Banderas. And my husband recently played Liberace and kissed Matt Damon, so he will understand,”laughs Catherine.

Secrets of marriage and fighting disease together


When Zeta Jones and Douglas got married, skeptics said that this marriage would not last long, the whole age difference between the spouses is 25 years (Catherine was 30, Michael was 55). But their family has lasted for 14 years. What's the secret?

“Respect, space and a sense of humor,” explains Catherine. “We spend a hell of a lot of time together, so we're careful about leaving each other room for ourselves. We recently expanded our house - we built a so-called wardrobe there. But this is a whole room with my clothes. The husband knocks on the door and asks if it is possible to enter. They even have a TV, and my daughter comes there with friends and plays in the store, trying on all my things. I can be there all day and be happy."

Catherine tries to keep the family life calm. Until 2009, they lived in Bermuda, away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. When there was more work, they moved to the suburbs of New York. "We have a lot of friends outside of show business."

how Katherine and Douglas complement each other? “He's a graphics freak. He constantly looks at the calendar, carefully checks the dates and organizes the weekend. And I just wake up and say: "What are we going to do today?" I am very spontaneous. Despite the age difference, it is remarkable that we are in many ways similar. We have a relaxed, easy relationship."

By the way, Douglas, it was, stated that he had gotten cancer due to the human papillomavirus, which contracted while doing cunnilingus. Exactly this Catherine does not comment, but does not hide her sufferings, which she experienced during her husband's illness. “When Michael was diagnosed with cancer, I thought I was completely broken. It happens to everyone all the time, but it's still a big shock when the house of cards starts to collapse and you realize that this happened to you."

“I've never had to deal with something like this before,” continues the actress. - I didn't know what to do. I had no one to take an example from. But the strength came to me from my family, friends, from the strangers who supported us. The human spirit is amazing. Although I was not as strong as I thought."

Who helped her deal with it was himself Michael… “I look back and cannot believe in his power. He is a very sensible person: when he was diagnosed, he said: "Okay, what should I do?" There are so many medicines and so many different options. He just wanted to get rid of it, so he started intensive treatment - chemotherapy and radiation therapy at the same time, but he still retained his sense of humor,”says Catherine.

“He was very open with the kids. No secrets - they came and saw him during the procedures. Together we have coped with everything. It brought us closer. But I won't wish that on anyone."


While the couple battled cancer Douglas, at Zeta Jones bipolar mental disorder began, which was accompanied by bursts of high energy and prolonged depression. When the press found out that she sought medical attention in 2011, Catherine she herself made an open statement about her condition. Her candor was well received by charities as it helped change the way people think about mental illness. With bipolar disorder, the actress will now have to live permanently. She is regularly checked at the hospital and is undergoing treatment.

“I have lived with this for a long time. When you are confused, as I had during Michael's illness, it upsets your balance of life, it’s like a trigger - you are awake, worried, stressed. " The actress talks about this carefully, calmly: “I didn't want to talk about it as openly as I did. I have a reserved British mentality - I didn't want to shout about it from the rooftop. But when this became known, I realized that I was not the only one suffering from such a disease and had to fight it every day. Therefore, if I help someone, even just by discussing it, it will be great."

Now she is much better, her children bring her special joy, about whom she speaks with special pride: "When other mothers and teachers tell me how well my children are brought up, this is one of the best moments." What is the secret of such upbringing? “I have a kitchen schedule. They get stars and stickers for eating well, doing their chores, being polite and kind. When I sometimes threaten to take the star from them, they start shouting: "No, Mom, I'm sorry!"And when they have enough stars, we go to the supermarket and they choose what they want."

I have a great appetite, but I work it out

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Catherine admits that she is less and less striving to meet the Hollywood ideal of beauty. “When I was not married and I didn’t have a family, I had nothing to do, and if I wasn’t working, I would hang out with a stylist. Now it's more of a routine. When I need a dress for an event, I just say to the stylist: “Can you choose a dress and shoes for me? Thank you".

However, the actress has good makeup and admits that she loves to practice every day. “I have a ballet barre in my gym. I turn on the music so loud that the walls start to shake, and I practice for about an hour. I spin a circle (hula-hoop), I walk on a treadmill, I work out on simulators. I try to keep my whole body in shape. But I eat like a horse - my mother still brings me my favorite chocolate from Britain, I have a very healthy appetite, but then I work it out."

Although her priorities in life have changed, it would be a mistake to think that from ambition Zeta Jones nothing else is left. “I have not lost my charisma. Of course, my ambitions are not as stubborn as I was when I was 14 or 15 - the ambition that made me leave Wales for London and then the United States. Not the same pressure. But there is still a lot that I have not done, but I want. I've always wanted to do a solo female show in Vegas. I would like to draw - I try, but so far I'm not very good at it. But it gives me comfort and peace of mind. I want to write and I would like to become a director. " By the way, Catherine has already bought the rights to several books, so she has something to start directing with. But now the main thing for her is time with the children. "Anyone will tell you that everything passes so quickly - and it's true."

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