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Brooklyn Beckham And Nicole Peltz Swap Wisdom Teeth

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Brooklyn Beckham And Nicole Peltz Swap Wisdom Teeth
Brooklyn Beckham And Nicole Peltz Swap Wisdom Teeth
Video: Brooklyn Beckham And Nicole Peltz Swap Wisdom Teeth
Video: Brooklyn Beckham's fiancée Nicola Peltz Lovely Moments (Video) - 2021 2023, February

The son of Victoria and David Beckham Brooklyn and his beloved model Nicole Peltz continue to share with the public the details of their personal lives


This time, the young lovers exchanged unusual jewelry. Wisdom teeth charms now adorn Brooklyn and Nicole's necks.

Brooklyn aspiring photographer and model Nicole are a fairly well-known couple. Moreover, they constantly warm up their audience by posting all the details of their personal lives on social networks. Young lovers are not afraid to go to the most unusual actions for each other's sake, which sometimes touch the public, and sometimes become a reason for discussion.

So, the other day, Peltz published in the story of the social network Instagram a kind of decoration that resembles a tooth. As it turns out, the gold pendant is indeed a real tooth. The fact is that Brooklyn and Nicole pulled out their wisdom teeth for a long time, but kept them as a keepsake. The model came up with a very interesting idea - to cover their extracted teeth with gold, then to make jewelry out of them. Actually, it happened, she gave her converted tooth to Brooklyn, and took it for herself. Now the same gold pendants adorn the lovers' necks on chains of the same material.


It is worth noting that Brooklyn really liked this idea. He also decided to show his audience on Instagram how he wears this piece. In the signature, he noted that he liked such a gift from the model.

“This is the best gift ever from my very best friend and amazing bride. I love you madly, you are the best thing that happened to me in this life " - thanked Brooklyn for the gift.

Nicole and Brooklyn have been dating for less than a year, but the passions in this couple are simmering. Beckham is sure that the model is his destiny for life, so he decided to capture the eyes of his beloved on the back of his head. Such a tattoo means that he is always under the supervision of his bride. Without thinking twice, Peltz also decided to immortalize their love on her body. She made a modest inscription on her back, where Brooklyn's name is written in cursive.

Also, the guy recently made another drawing on his hand, dedicated to the girl.

“My love, my life, my truth, my breath, my mind, my beauty, my jewel” - written on the guy's hand.

Star parents Victoria and David Beckham have already met Nicole and were very impressed by the first meeting. However, the Beckham couple believe that it is still too early for their son to marry. Of course, Brooklyn is not one of those guys who listen to the opinion of their parents, so if the guy still decides to get married in the near future, then Victoria and David will have to come to terms.

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