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Paris Hilton Spoke About Custody Of Britney Spears

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Paris Hilton Spoke About Custody Of Britney Spears
Paris Hilton Spoke About Custody Of Britney Spears
Video: Paris Hilton Spoke About Custody Of Britney Spears
Video: How Paris Hilton Feels About Britney Spears Mentioning Her in Conservatorship Testimony (Source) 2023, February

Socialite Paris Hilton and famous singer Britney Spears were previously very good friends. The other day, the model decided to comment on her vision of the situation about custody of Spears


Paris admitted that she treats the situation of Britney and her father Jamie with great sympathy, she is sorry that there are quarrels in the family. The secular lioness told about this in her personal show, which comes out in a podcast format.

“It hurts me unbearably for Britney, a girl with a huge heart. I can't even imagine how I would behave if my life was completely controlled. After all, she is an adult who literally plowed her entire adult life, she tried to build her own empire. Now, treating her like a little child is just unfair. " - says Hilton.

Paris also noted that absolutely any celebrity can break off at the most inopportune moment. According to her, this is due to the "uncontrollable" aggression by journalists and paparazzi.

“It all starts the moment I leave my house and continues until the moment I just go to bed. They are always by my side” - Paris shares the situation.

It is worth noting that Paris with her story decided to support other show business stars who are fighting for the rights of Britney Spears' freedom. For example, Miley Cyrus is an ardent fan of Britney. The singer always inserts the phrase “Freedom, Britney!” At her concerts and performances. And more recently, she even sang Spears' hit Toxic, which the singer wrote herself.


The lead singer of the Paramore group also supported the singer. She told reporters:

“Today, no entertainer in show business should feel the torture that Britney Spears is subjected to every day by journalists, the public and misogynists.”

And we recall that in 2008, the popular singer Britney Spears had a psychological breakdown. At that moment, the court decided to appoint for some time a guardian in the person of Jamie Spears for the celebrity. Initially, the father had to supervise the affairs of his daughter until she was discharged from the rehabilitation center. Britney has been in a normal, adequate condition for a long time, but the court does not deprive her of the right to custody of her father. For more than 13 years, Britney has been unable to dispose of her money, property, drive a car without her dad's permission, and even see her children.

Now the singer is actively fighting for her rights, and a month ago a documentary about the life and career of Britney Spears was even released. The feed provides a plausible description of events related to guardianship.

It is assumed that Jamie Spears bribes the judge so that he does not remove custody of his daughter. It is beneficial for a man to have at his disposal the state of the singer. The man's lawyer recently made an official statement, where he said this phrase:

“I understand perfectly well that in every confusing story there must be some kind of villain, but in this situation the public is very much mistaken. This story is about a loving and caring father who was humiliated and betrayed, it was he who saved his daughter from the danger that could come from the public. People constantly hurt and took advantage of her.”

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