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Hailey Bieber Interview: Girl Trolled On Social Media For Marrying At 21

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Hailey Bieber Interview: Girl Trolled On Social Media For Marrying At 21
Hailey Bieber Interview: Girl Trolled On Social Media For Marrying At 21

Video: Hailey Bieber Interview: Girl Trolled On Social Media For Marrying At 21

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Justin Bieber's official wife Haley shared a story about how difficult it was to get married at a young age


24-year-old model Hailey Bieber graced the cover of the new issue of the world famous gloss ELLE. In an interview with reporters, she shared a story about why she and her husband made the decision to marry so early, and also complained about trolling on social networks.

Hayley had known her future husband since the age of 13. However, she married him only at the age of 21. At that time, the Canadian singer was only 24 years old. Many Americans criticized their union, and all because in America the average age for marriage is considered to be at least 30 years. We can say that the singer and model were in a hurry with the wedding, while the haters claim that their marriage is a real PR. In fact, everything is completely different, and Haley decided to talk about it.

The girl admits that despite such a young age, she does not regret her consent to get married, it was a balanced and deliberate decision. She states that both of them were prepared for this.

“Yes, I married Justin, a few weeks before I would have turned 22. Naturally, this is a very young age, when I say it out loud, I myself find it ridiculous. However, by the time of the wedding, Justin and I had lived together for a long time, and we both understood exactly what we wanted from our relationship and life in general” - says the wife of Bieber.

The singer and model have known each other for a long time. They were good friends even as a teenager, but at that time Justin had another lover - Selena Gomez. When the guy decided to part with the singer, he briefly started an affair with Haley. As Bieber himself admits, at that moment he was not a serious young man, therefore, after playing with Baldwin, he again returned to Selena. Nothing good came of their relationship, the couple eventually broke up and already finally. Justin was a bachelor for a short time and again came to Haley. From that moment on, young people have not parted. The model says that she realized how serious and wiser Bieber became, it was then that she agreed to become his wife.


“After all, we maintained friendly relations for a long time before we developed feelings for each other. But, we always knew with confidence what we want from the future. We always told each other that we would like to get married, start a serious relationship, build a real family at a young age. And we discussed all these topics even before we started our romantic relationship. " - the model is recognized.

Hailey's happy event culminated in a big trolling on the social network. People did not accept such an early marriage and began writing bad wishes and negative comments to celebrities. Because of this, Bieber was forced to close the opportunity for subscribers to write her comments and messages for some time. This behavior on the part of strangers left an imprint on Hayley's mental health.

“At the very beginning of our marriage, I really wanted to hide from literally everyone. Then I constantly thought of only one thing: “I don’t want anyone to meddle in my personal business, will I never have that personal space again? Can I even get something back from my past life? I don't remember who, but I was then advised to just close the comments. This was supposed to help reduce public interest in my engagement, and I did it. But already at that moment I felt only one thing: “I just don't care about this damn engagement! I just want people to stop terrorizing me!” - recalls Haley.

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