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Singer Beyoncé Was Robbed For The Second Time In A Month

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Singer Beyoncé Was Robbed For The Second Time In A Month
Singer Beyoncé Was Robbed For The Second Time In A Month
Video: Singer Beyoncé Was Robbed For The Second Time In A Month
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American singer Beyoncé was the victim of robbers. The damage to the celebrity is estimated at one million dollars


The singer's fans should not worry about the health of their idol. Beyoncé herself was not injured and was not even near the scene of the robbery at the time of the robbery. Yes, her property was stolen, but it happened in a warehouse that belongs to the production center of a celebrity.

This unpleasant news is reported by American publications.

Three warehouses owned by the singer were robbed this weekend. In these premises, Beyoncé's valuables were kept, as well as a lot of props for her concert tours. As a result, the robbers took with them a huge amount of Beyoncé's designer bags, her concert dresses, jewelry and more. They also managed to grab the personal belongings of the celebrity staff. This is how children's toys and photographs of the singer's stylist's family were stolen. At the moment, the calculation of losses is more than one million dollars. The amount is still approximate, since there was no accounting of things in the warehouses, the list included only those items that the participants of the production center remembered about.

The Los Angeles police are currently investigating the case. However, unfortunately, after several days of work, there is still not a single suspect.

It is worth noting the fact that the singer Beyoncé has been robbed for the second time in a month. In early March, these same warehouses had already been robbed, and the culprits were never found. Yes, locks were replaced in the production center, video surveillance cameras were installed, and reinforced security was connected. But none of this helped to avoid the attack a second time. Most likely, the robbers are the same, who clearly thought out the scheme of the robbery. Beyoncé herself does not give any comments on this matter.

And we recall that last week a rather interesting burglar made his way into the house of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. It was not in his plans to profit from the valuable things of a celebrity. He just took a hot shower and went to empty the bar with the actor's elite drinks. After that, the man was detained by law enforcement agencies.

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