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Cardi B Talks About How She Met Her Husband

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Cardi B Talks About How She Met Her Husband
Cardi B Talks About How She Met Her Husband
Video: Cardi B Talks About How She Met Her Husband
Video: Cardi B Tells Us The LOVE STORY Of How She Met Offset 2023, February

Popular American rap artist Cardi B and rapper Offset have been officially married for 4 years, but until now no one knew how the couple met


The other day, the famous singer decided to tell the public about the period when she started an affair with her husband. The relationship between Cardi B and Offset cannot be called ideal, the star spouses constantly quarrel in public, periodically finding themselves on the verge of divorce. Their marriage is shrouded in gossip and condemnation, but this does not prevent them from staying together for more than four years. The other day, a celebrity told a story about how they met and what feelings they caused each other.

How the relationship between the star spouses began

According to Cardi B, she had no idea who Offset was for a long time. And later, her producer offered to sing a duet with this artist, to which the girl agreed. Working together on the track “Um Yea” became fatal in their lives. The singer says that from the first meeting, the husband looked at her and did not stop smiling, which made her very embarrassed. Even before the track was released, they realized that there was a certain chemistry between them and began to spend time together outside of work.

Cardi noted that then they both realized that they were quite attracted to each other and decided not to hide feelings in themselves. The couple immediately announced that they are now together on social networks, they did not hide from journalists and gave interviews with great pleasure.

“He constantly looked at me with such a look, saying:“Oh, damn it, baby!”. And how could this love story end? We just had sex immediately after the successful release of our track. So that's it” - says Cardi B.


How did their relationship develop already in marriage?

In the fall of 2017, Cardi B received an offer to marry the rapper, to which she agreed.

Immediately after the wedding, the girl became pregnant and in the summer of 2018 the couple had their first joint daughter, Culcher.

When the rap singer was pregnant in the last stages, her husband cheated on her, and this became known to the public. The celebrity couple was on the verge of divorce, but Offset made amends by giving her beloved a chic SUV. The girl forgave the musician, but not for long. After 2 years, she still filed for divorce in a Los Angeles court. In the reasons for the divorce, she indicated: constant quarrels and misunderstandings.

Fortunately, a month later, the star spouses were caught kissing passionately at a party with friends. Cardi B took the divorce papers, explaining that she could not live without the father of her child. She also stressed that she would not have enough money to support her daughter on her own.

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