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An Insider Told What Will Be The Wedding Of Ariana Grande

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An Insider Told What Will Be The Wedding Of Ariana Grande
An Insider Told What Will Be The Wedding Of Ariana Grande
Video: An Insider Told What Will Be The Wedding Of Ariana Grande
Video: Inside Ariana Grande's Intimate Wedding 2023, February

At the end of 2020, American singer Ariana Grande told her fans that her beloved real estate agent Dalton Gomez made her a marriage proposal


From that moment on, the 27-year-old celebrity began preparing for the most important day of her life. Ariana does not give interviews on this matter and does not talk about her plans. But insiders who communicate well with the bride decided to share some information. Most likely, the wedding ceremony will take place in California, in a very intimate, modest atmosphere.

According to insiders, lovers are still unable to decide on the location of the wedding. However, now they have opted for California, but that could change. The source also said that the singer is against a luxurious and magnificent celebration. Ariana plans to invite only family and closest friends. The date of the wedding has not yet been determined, this is due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus infection. Grande and Gomez want to wait for the moment when the situation in the world becomes more calm and stable.

“They went to see different places, in completely different cities, but most likely they will opt for California. Ariana wants the ceremony to be modest. However, nothing will happen officially as long as there is a danger of coronavirus infection” - says the insider.

A source close to the couple noted that at the moment Ariana and Dalton are madly in love with each other. The whole Grande family is delighted with Gomez, the singer's parents really liked him.


“You could say they are just obsessed with each other. Now they spend almost all their free time together. Dalton is madly in love with Ariana, he really makes her happy. All of Ariana's relatives and friends are also in love with him. " - the insider declassifies the information.

What is known about the relationship between Ariana and Dalton?

Nobody knew that the singer and the real estate agent were in a serious relationship. Therefore, when at the end of December last year, Ariana announced that she was going to marry her 25-year-old lover, the public was shocked.

Grande soon showed her engagement ring, which is adorned with diamonds and pearls. According to experts, such a piece of jewelry has an approximate cost of 350 thousand dollars. The celebrity photographed her hand with a ring in her car.

Ariana chose not to tell exactly how Dalton proposed to her, but simply published a series of pictures from that day. The shots are cute and homey, so we can conclude that there was no big and chic engagement event.

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